Privacy on the Internet: Using a VPN service is the only way to achieve it


In the wake of the recent NSA revelations by Snowden, it is made quite clear to the world of internet users that that is nothing about ‘privacy’ that exists on the internet. In the very early days, privacy was going online without anyone else in the room around you, but the present situations call for […] – Ultimate Android Tablets Destination

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Shopping is a thing which is loved by everyone especially women. Since we are in the modern society people are breaking the rules of traditional shopping and buying or specifically I should say that they are shopping stuff over internet. In the starting when internet shopping was introduced many people had a doubt whether it […]

Top 5 smartphones with best camera

Nokia Lumia 1020

It is said that memories are best kept when they are captured. Photos and videos play a major role in our life. They can bring back the memories in just few seconds. Gone are the days when we used to carry a camera with us to capture photos. Smartphones are offering some amazing camera features […]

µTorrent – Make Files To Download Faster


We all use the Internet. It has become a basic necessity. Life without the Internet is the worst nightmare for today’s generation. The internet has provided with all kinds of luxuries. We can connect with people, gain knowledge and now it has become the ultimate source of entertainment. Most of the times we use internet […]

How to set up a reseller hosting package?

reseller hosting provider

Reseller Hosting basically means a hosting where the company uses all the resources provided by the parent web hosting and further sells it considering them to be their own. There are various companies offering reseller hosting packages and they choose to host their website through reseller. There are various other companies who are even dissatisfied […]

Samsung 840 Pro SSD – High Performance SSD For Your PC Build

Samsung 840 SSD Pro

Though Samsung Solid State Drive or to be more specific Samsung 840 Pro SSD is comparatively latest in the market, but it is doing good for itself. Many users are considering Samsung 840 Pro SSD over others because it offers some of the best features at a very low price. Moreover, you will be receiving […]

How to Choose the Best Android Tablets for Your Needs?


We live in a world where everybody owns a phone and a tablet. Android tablets are particularly popular as they are incredibly user friendly, have a big range of cheap apps and games and more. As such, most would agree that these types of tablets are far superior to any other kind of tablet. However, […]

Understanding the Bit Error Rate Tester and the Bit Error Rate


A BERT – Bit Error Rate Tester – is a piece of equipment used to see how good the quality of a transmission is between single components of an entire system. There several building blocks to the bit error rate tester, being the pattern generator, the error detector (which connects to the test system or […]