Tips For Buying A New Laptop

how to buy a laptop

With so many varying models and different brands available, choosing a new laptop is no easy task, and knowing exactly what to look for can be difficult, and as technology is ever changing, keeping up with what’s new and good is hard work. Quality should always be the priority, though, and to guarantee quality and [...]

Friendship Day quotes, SMS and wallpapers

friendship day greetings

Friendship day Jokes, SMS, Quotes and Wallpapers Why do we Celebrate Friendship Day? Friendship is something that can neither be put into words nor can be explained through anything else except emotions and feelings. It’s very rightly said that the people that God fails to give us as our family members, he sends them in [...]

How To Stop Users From Deleting Your Mobile App


Mobile applications have become household names owing to the utility and their face value. It has been a common sight as how the users can benefit from these mobile based applications which come in handy at most times. Be it the navigation app or the one to listen to the music, applications do constitute the [...]

MH17 Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash in Ukraine


It can be very daunting moment for anybody who will be heard about MH17 Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine. It is indeed very stressing to see such incidence occurrence. This heart-rending incidence makes everyone astonished. It is one of the dangerous incidences ever, which make huge news. Various plane crashes has been making news [...]

Lava Iris 402 Plus Review

Lava Iris 402 Plus

Lava, for quite a while, is desperately trying to make its name in the Indian phone market. Whether it is low build, poor quality or just not enough high end specs for its phone, Lava is not been able to do that. Lava has a long list of Smartphone in their kitty and the new [...]

PS4 or Xbox One: Who is the next-gen rockstar?


The times when computers where the ultimate gaming machines are long gone, with gaming consoles quickly catching up recently. Last year, two of the industry giants, Sony and Microsoft, released new products in their line of gaming consoles, both of them coming up with some great specs and a lot of hype surrounding them. The [...]

Moto E vs Nokia X – Which is the best budget Android Smartphone


Android sets are in demand owing to the utility and the wide range of applications available. Be it the usual music player or the utilitarian workout app, Android surpasses other operating platforms in terms of specs and also longevity. Budget can often be a constraint and the entry level smartphones with Android empowered platforms are [...]

Askme App “The Baap of All Apps” Review


AskMe app is one of the most usable and functional app out here in the market. As it is helping and making life simpler or easier for many users with its features. This ‘All in one’ app interface is so simple to use and can complete the task appropriately. This multi tasking app allows users [...]

How to Recover Deleted Photos, Contacts from iPhone


With Apple fans growing gorgeously in recent years, iPhone and iOS7 system play important role in today’s mobile life. Not only for sending texts, but also taking photos, they are really miracle tools for users. However, every coin has two sides. Users may encounter certain troublesome matters such as losing photos or contact information when [...]

Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) 2014 SMS and Jokes


Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) 2014 SMS and Jokes in Hindi/English Raksha bandhan which is also called “Rakhi”, is one of the most important festivals of India. It is celebrated. It celebrates the love between brothers and sisters. On this day, Sisters tie a knot of Resham onto the wrist of their brothers and brothers promise give [...]