How to Choose the Best Android Tablets for Your Needs?


We live in a world where everybody owns a phone and a tablet. Android tablets are particularly popular as they are incredibly user friendly, have a big range of cheap apps and games and more. As such, most would agree that these types of tablets are far superior to any other kind of tablet. However, [...]

Understanding the Bit Error Rate Tester and the Bit Error Rate


A BERT – Bit Error Rate Tester – is a piece of equipment used to see how good the quality of a transmission is between single components of an entire system. There several building blocks to the bit error rate tester, being the pattern generator, the error detector (which connects to the test system or [...]

Online trading: using the web to ride the stock market

online trading

The Internet, through the online activity for which it provides a platform, has been the cause of some of the most dramatic change in the way that we live our lives since the Industrial Revolution. Almost every aspect of our day-to-day activity, whether business or personal, has been affected by the information revolution – and [...]

Freelance IT: where to begin?

freelance IT

IT remains a growth industry, with one of the many options available being a freelance IT service provider. The benefits of becoming a freelance IT service provider are many. They include: Having the ability to choose clients and enjoy a measure of control over the type of work carried out. Having the flexibility to work [...]

Solid State drives with their pros and cons

ssd drive

What is a solid state drive? A solid-state drive (SSD) which is also known as a solid-state disk is basically a data storage device which uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data for a long time. This drive uses electronic interfaces which is compatible with old block input/output (I/O) hard disk drives which allows simple replacement in common applications. What distinguishes SSDs from Hard disks [...]

Pick up your accommodation in Bangalore with iOS app


With the steadfast up gradation of technology has enhanced as well as simplified life in all the possible aspects and very recently, iOS app has eased the process of house hunting across 26 Indian cities. Whatever be your real – estate requirement; renting or buying a house, you are not very far from your destination. [...]

Best Five Wireless Routers 2014

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

What is a router? A router is a networking device which creates and overlay internetwork and is used to connect computers with each other through internet. What is a wireless router? It is a device which performs the functions of a router but it also includes the functions of a wireless access point. Its common [...]