3 Futuristic Eyeglasses with Features that Google Glass Lacks


In Eyewear technology, Google Glass has been arrived with several new ways. Whether you have to visit a zoo or to treat critical Parkinson’s disease, it makes several ways for us to pay attention to. In order to beat Google Glass, we have found several high-tech eyeglasses which are capable to perform many functions that are not possible for Google Glass. Out of them, we have shortlisted three of the most Future-Ready eyeglasses which definitely worth a while.

The California-based invention, Meta is backed up with the power of a smartphone, laptop and augmented reality. When you wear this pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, you will see a hologram-like figure in front of your eyes. With the gesture of your hands, you can create what you want. In short, the technology used looks similar which featured in Minority Report and Iron Man.

One half part of the eyewear features 3D display and another one is a 3D scanner. User can see holograms in 3D output display, like a computer file or image. Another part scans the surrounding and sends the signals to the computer to display graphics where wearer is looking. According to the founder, the basic idea behind it is designing a device like Google Glass which appears a bit more distinct.

Last year, the Meta group invested around $200,000 in this project. According to Space Glasses website, one can book a cool pair of Meta glasses for $3650 in advance. The buyers have to wait for January 2015 for shipping.

Light Therapy Glasses
Also known as “Winter Blues”, SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder harms around 10 million individuals in winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of the well-known symptoms of this health problem are anxiety, mood changes and depression. Hence, light therapy is a widely-used part of treatment. In light therapy, special lamps are used which imitate sunlight that is absorbed naturally.

In Westphal College of Media Design and Arts, a student has invented an eyewear which beams virtual sunlight in the peripheral vision of the wearer. According to the developer, this eyeglass can give a SAD sufferer the feeling of summer season, even in the chilling midnight of January.

A 22 years old college student, Troy Hudson has designed a pair of eyeglasses which can help very much in light therapy. Several boxes and lamps for light therapy come with a hassle of sitting for many hours at one place daily. Though there is no problem in switching on the light and sitting closer to make body absorb warm light, the glasses made by Hudson are capable to make Light therapy more convenient and to make lifestyle more active. Wherever you go, the light follows.

Avegant Glyph
A personal yet wearable theater in itself, Avegant Glyph is a pair of eyeglasses which implements retina display technology to provide sharper and clearer images to the wearer. From your own devices, you can import almost everything in Glyph from your HDMI connection. Instead of a single screen, it features a set of over 2 million miniscule mirrors which can project images exactly in retinas.

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