4 Lucrative Transport Businesses Worth Pursuing


One area of business and life in general that will always be of vital importance is transportation. It doesn’t matter how technology progresses. Businesses still need to get their products out there, and also bring in materials and supplies to create things. And, people need to get places, too. It makes the transportation industry an attractive – if unglamorous – proposition. And, it can be highly lucrative to those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Here are some examples of excellent transport businesses that might pique your interest.



Start a trucking fleet

Good with logistics, planning, and coordinating? If so, the trucking business might be for you. There are two ways of approaching starting a truck fleet. First of all, you can hire out independent contractor drivers who already own their vehicles. The second option is that you can invest in a fleet yourself and hire employees to drive your trucks. You can make links with distributors or large companies that need help getting their products around the country. They will expect excellent service, reliability, and you will always need to be on time for every delivery.



Senior services transportation

As the average population age rises, there are more senior citizens now than at any time in history. And, as they hand in the driver’s licenses, they will need help getting from A to B. So, wherever there is a need, there is a business opportunity. You could go down one of several routes if you want to get started. First of all, you could drive seniors to their medical appointments, or help take them to grocery shopping. You could also think about investing in a minibus or coach and arrange days out for them. According to http://blog.aarp.org/, there are plenty of state grants available to get you started. And, many corporations offer sponsorship for organizations that help transport seniors. So, if you want to make a difference in people’s lives while earning a healthy living, there are many opportunities in this field.



Sea cargo transportation

Global shipping has never been at such high levels as it is today. Businesses large and small offer shipping to foreign climes. They are in great need of more efficient ways of getting their products overseas as cheap as possible. So, think about starting your own ocean transport business to help them succeed – while you do, too. Of course, buying a cargo or landing ship isn’t cheap. A quick glance at http://www.nautisnp.com/landing-craft reveals you can expect to pay 7-figure sums. But, if you can meet the significant startup costs, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy success. People will always need overseas transportation, and if you can offer them a cheaper and quicker route, they will always take it.



Air transportation services

Again, this requires significant startup funding. You will need lots of equipment and permits, for a start – as well as the training to fly any form of air transport. But, there is an increasing demand for speedy deliveries, both on a national and global scale. Build up a good reputation, and you can expect to pick up some valuable contracts from companies and individuals alike.


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