A New Day for Commissioning and Energy Management


Project commissioning and energy management have a core value for any project, be it big or small. Commissioning has integrated all of the core functions that contribute to the quality of a building and its maintenance. Energy saving is a basic function in any project commissioning. as it saves costs that are incurred due to everyday misuses of energy.

Importance of commissioning and energy management

Commissioning your project gives you the certainty that you have been given value for your money through the forensic review that is carried out before being handed over to the final users and maintainers of the project. Any faults are able to be detected and corrected before losses are incurred, which makes commissioning one of the most cost-effective ways to manage a project. Through the various tests carried out in the project, you can discover unique ways of saving energy costs and maximizing returns.

Key players in commissioning and energy management

The success of project commissioning and energy management requires teamwork from all players, like the engineers, contractors, and designers. The maintenance staff and building owners are also involved in the success of commissioning and energy saving. Every project is unique, which requires special attention to all the projects you are going to handle. In following the global campaign to minimize pollution and promote green energy, project commissioning is a crucial activity in today’s construction.

Stages in which commissioning and energy management are carried out

Commissioning and energy management are activities that should be done throughout the lifetime of the project. They require dedication, and you can outsource them from CORS as you concentrate on your core business activities. They start from the construction stage, where the materials are tested to see that they are of good quality and continue throughout the maintenance of the project. Failing to do this at any stage can be detrimental to earlier efforts that were carried out in your project.

Energy management is also carried out on already existing buildings and projects, which has led to improvement on energy conservation. This increased interest is due to various reasons, such as owners seeking a good energy and environmental design rating. This practice has also become a mandatory requirement from building code officials to ensure the safety of the users.

Software usage in commissioning and energy management

Commissioning requires a keen follow-up, which can be tricky for a large project. This makes it necessary to install effective software that will detect and update any fault in real time to avoid losses. This software is a good source of the database that contains all the relevant information from the beginning of the project and throughout its lifecycle. The large, complex amount of data is arranged in a way that is easy to derive at any time and that is also conducive for comparison purposes to follow up on performance.


Commissioning and energy management have taken the industry by storm, and for any project to be successful and competitive, it is important to embrace them. Energy and environment conservation are starting to give a competitive edge, as they are at the heart of every business.

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