About Us

Hey there, everyone!

Do you know who you know we are? We bet you do! No, we are not those freaky teachers who give you nightmares by talking about exams and scores. Neither, we are your ultra-strict parents who remind about nothing but studies. Then, are we the highly technical nerds or what? Nah, we aren’t any of these. But, we still share knowledge. How about that? Sounds boring, huh?

Ok, then let’s recall the term as tech stuff. Does it sound cool now? 😉 So, we tell you all about technology and we share with you awesome tech stuff. But, what is the difference here? So many people are doing the same thing these days, right? So, how are we different or what makes us really better?

Let’s find out…….

We are a contingent of maniacs (oops!), who simply love the existence of technology in our lives. We love swimming in gadgets, dancing around software, and sleeping on technology. No, we are not any scientists or something like that. We are just like you, but with a passion of sharing more and more about technology.

Now, please welcome the show stopper- PHPTechnique.com [Personalized Home Page for Techniques].

Wait, we thought we were the showstoppers.

Phptechnique.com is a tech blog that gives you all the updates on gadgets, software, and other tech stuff from around the world. If you are a gadget freak who wants to know about the ins and outs of all types of gadgets, this is the finest destination for you to stop by. Moreover, if you want to know great tech tips together with Gadgets update, you couldn’t be luckier.

The blog gets updated with frequent news and updates related to tablets, apps, and cell phones. Phptechnique.com helps people from all across the globe to become more cognizant about social media stuff, Facebook, reviews, blogging, and software etc.

Phptechnique.com is all that you need in a tech blog. Here, you get all the news, gossip, and events about IT-related technology plus its latest happenings. In addition, the blog presents you with the happenings of Internet security, Web hosting, and other diversified topics of the IT world. You, as a blog user, can also advertise on this tech blog and thus, augment your Web visibility.

So, swim in the giant sea of technology only at Phptechnique.com. Because, technology resides here.