Things You Can’t Afford to Miss About iPhone 6


Lately, there have been a lot of conjectures and rumors spreading about the very new iPhone 6, which is about to the hit the market soon. Apparently, a lot of people and tech sites have already covered so much about the coming iPhone 6. But, for many of you, this might be the first time that you’re actually paying attention toward the gadget. So, we have brought for you pretty much everything that you ought to know about Apple iPhone 6. Let’s just get started.

Build and display

Looking at the design, we can clearly say that Apple has taken a lot of inspiration from the iPod Touch. Since, Apple iPhone 6 features a smooth tapered edge having a very nice feel on the hands. In addition, something that’s really impressive is how thin the phone is. We truly believe that it looks better than iPhone 5s. However, we do feel that it reminds us of HTC One at a glance.

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This first mock-up is also sporting a much larger display with a 4.7 inch screen, bringing it right in line with other phones like Moto X and Nexus 5. Clearly, this is the biggest phone by Apple ever. Not only, it’ll get much bigger, but also Apple will bump the resolution to 1704X960, giving a lot of improvement over the present iPhone.

apple iphone 6

However, that’s not the only thing that is going to be new with Apple iPhone 6 screen. Currently, Apple uses Sapphire glass for the Home button and Camera lens on iPhone 5s. But, with iPhone 6, you’ll probably get the strongest and the toughest screen ever. As per the rumors, the screen won’t break, even if you take a knife to it or even bend it under your own foot. There are also other rumors that there will be an even bigger iPhone 6 at 5.5 inch. However, based on markup, that may actually look just like the 4.7 inch model.

Right now, it seems that 5.5 inch iPhone 6 will be months behind the 4.7 inch model. But, besides the size, what else is different?


One of the biggest changes in the bigger display is more space for a larger battery. Numerous rumors suggest that the 4.7 iPhone 6, containing an 1810 mAH battery is a bit bigger than the 5s, but a lot smaller than what we’ll get in the 5.5 inch version. However, we feel that the difference is not that much of a big deal, since the 5.5 inch version already has a bigger display, eating a larger chunk of the battery.


Unfortunately, one thing that could be a problem is the iPhone 6 camera. Odds are that we will see a few minor improvements, but the lens will always poke out from the back of the phone. Apple did the same thing with iPod Touch and in this case, having a case on it should fix the problem.

Power Button Location

iPhone 6 has got the power button relocated, since the power button is now on the side of the phone, which makes sense because it is a bigger phone and it would be harder to reach the top. So, it is totally fine to put that power button in an easy-to-reach spot.

Despite these changes, we feel that Apple could’ve still done a lot better job in surprising us with the new phone by means of killer features or specs.

What do you think? Will you buy iPhone 6- the big phone by Apple? Tell us.

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