Android 5.0 Lollipop Hit The News! Check Its Thrilling Features


Next major version of Android named “Lollipop” aka Android L has revealed by Google on Wednesday (Oct, 15th 2014). Few months back, Google has announced about this new Android version in an annual developer event but didn’t unveil its features and release date. After that declaration, we came across much chitchat and prophecy about Android L and some of us guessed that the L stands for “key lime pie” “Licorice” and “Lemon Meringue Pie”.

Now, the search giant has finally publicized that the Android L is nothing but the delicious Lollipop with a lot of new features. Let’s discuss about the Android L features in detail through this post.

Astonishing Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Many innovative features in Android 5.0 have been introduced and you may check some of them below


1. Enhanced Material Design

Lollipop is coming with enhanced material design interface to keep up a reliable design experience across all Android devices. So, you are going to have the Android OS more colorful and responsive than before. Moreover, it offers “fluid, purposeful motion” for easy navigation. Out of all, the elements could get smaller & bigger which would help you to focus our attention and gives a 3D appearance as well.

2. Superior warning

Luscious Android 5.0 boasts excellent warning features like Apple IOS. Yes, it has “Priority Mode” to get notifications from certain people. Even though your screen is locked, you’ll be able to respond to your messages and you could hide the sensitive data on your lock screen. If you’re an avid gamer or amusement lover, you have option to avoid calls when you play games or listening songs or watching movies.

3. Upgraded Battery

Android L has the powerful battery with energy-saving feature to extend using the device for more than one hour. While charging the device with Android Lollipop, you’ll be notified about the amount of time left to get fully charged. Likewise, you’ll be provided with estimated time left before you need to put on charge.

4. Multiple user set up

This is an interesting feature of Android’s Lollipop. If you forget to bring your phone, you can still make calls to your friends, access messages & images from other device that runs on Lollipop by login to it. However, this feature is already available for Android Tablet users and supported in “stock” Android . With this multiple users set up feature, you may fix guest users for your phone/tablet to use and restrict them to see your stuff. In addition, you can use “Screen pinning” feature to allow the other user to reach a specific content without messing with other stuffs. So, now you may share your phone easier and safer. 

5. Better security

As I just specified, you can let your friends to use your Android phone through guest user mode and they will not be able to access your private files. Android “SmartLock” security has implemented to pair your Android gadget to another trusted device like Android smartwatch which would protect your device from theft. To prevent vulnerabilities and malicious programs, Google has imposed SELinux security module for all apps.

6. Handy swift settings

Fresh handy controls such as Hotspot, Screen rotation and Flashlight (these may be present on customized Android devices) are included in this dynamic Android version. You could reach the widely used setting by just swiping down twice at the top of the screen. Based on the lighting conditions, you can easily adjust the screen brightness.

7. Exciting Connectivity

Google incorporated its smartness in the connectivity features of Android L. Say if you’re on video or VoIP call, you can switch from Wi-Fi to cellular network without dropping it. As it has improved network handoffs you could enjoy with limited connectivity disturbance. Also, Bluetooth is more powerful with BLE peripheral mode and low energy capabilities.

8. Other amazing features

Modernized Camera to capture full resolution frames, Tap & Go to sync your apps from old to new device, App indexing to access apps from Chrome easily, Great Accessibility with 68+ languages and factory reset protection for stolen devices are the other features of Lollipop which would let you to have an improved Android experience. Not only these, a range of professional photography & media features, Ok Google, Android TV with Google cast support, smoother computing experience, Do not disturb mode are some other stimulating options available in Lollipop.

Final Words

Finally, Lollipop is added to the Android confectionery family by Google! This is the 13th major version of Android which was fully developed under the management of Google’s senior vice president, Sundar Pichai and CEO, Larry Page. The company is debuting the Android 5.0 version on two new devices like Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone and HTC Nexus 9 Tablet and it is coming soon for a lot of Android phones.

Lollipop is made by Google mainly to interact with different screens like TV, Tablet, Smartphone etc. so as to keep your experience of using Android across several devices regularly. As it is possible to connect more Android devices together, I’m in no doubt that you’ll adore the entertaining activities, apps and search features of Android L.

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