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Youtube, DVDs and ‘Click To Share’ sites are not a bad option to check videos. However, it would be great if you could store them on your system’s hard disk. However, that counts are piracy unless done with the publishers consent. Many free software like ’Freemake’ are available on the internet which could allow you to download a video straight away if you simply mention it a link. However, that is not clearly legal, and downloading free software have their own cons. The worst one of them is that that they force download spamware into your system and browser hijack plugins. Thus, a genuine software is needed to counter this issue.

In this blog post, I am sharing about a software called Audials Moviebox that I have been using for quite some time. The main advantage of the software is that it can legally stream and record original videos from Netflix, Amazon Instant video, and other paid streaming services. I love this feature of this software because I can keep a copy of whatever I watch on Netflix or some other paid streaming sites.

Let’s get into more details of this particular software.

What is Audials MovieBox?

Audials MovieBox is a video recording and conversion software which records videos either when they are streamed online or when played on your computer system. It is not just for recording videos, but it does offer a lot more things that you will read in this review.

Let’s discuss the features and How to use Audials MovieBox?

Streaming Videos: This records video streams from the screen itself as well as video streaming sites like ‘Youtube’ and even ‘Paid Video Streaming Sites’. The interesting part is that the software is smart. Unlike other freeware, it can record a whole playlist instead of singular videos. So even if you are on a slow internet connecting, the recording would be something like – you start the recording and play the very first video in the playlist and the it would record the whole series by the time you wake up in the morning. This is quite helpful while recording videos from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. The process is for recording videos that can be streamed online is as follows:

1. Open the link on the web. Eg. I opened a link from Youtube. Copy the whole link.


2. Go to the Audials interface and click on ‘Save Video’.


3. Paste the URL in the ‘Paste a video URL’ space. Just in case, you didn’t know you can press CTRL+V to do the job.


4. It won’t record. Lol! That is because it is a legal software and you can’t just record from Youtube without permission. So you need to activate/play the video to be downloaded from the site There won’t be any compromise on the quality though, and it would be legal stuff.


5. Stream the video on the site. What does it mean by streaming exactly? When you play a video on say ‘Youtube’, you must have observed a grey colored lining following the timing line where it shows how much of the video has been played. That is the streaming line. Let the video stream completely. That would download and save the video for you.The trick is that it records the whole video from behind the screen. This makes it legal, unlike other video downloaders. I repeat it again that it does not affect the quality of the video. After the download, the video would appear somewhat like below of the.


6. The trick is that it records the whole video from behind the screen. This makes it legal, unlike other video downloaders. I repeat it again that it does not affect the quality of the video. After the download, the video would appear somewhat like below of the Audials Moviebox.


Converting the videos: From my experience, I can bet that most videos you download would be in FLV format. The only good enough media player to play those videos is VLC. However, that is not advisable. Yes, VLC does work well with all codecs, but unlike Windows Media Player, it is known to harm the system and speakers. Being a free software, it pushes spamware into your system as well. Furthermore, MP4 is a much better file format for videos. Thus, a converter is well needed, and Audials Moviebox is the right choice to do the conversion as well.

The process for converting videos is as follow:

1. Click on ‘Converter’.


2. Click on files.


3. Click on ‘Add Files’ and find the video you wish to convert.


4. Click on ‘Start’. It will do the needful.

Copying DVDs: Premium DVDs cost quite a lot. Pirating them is tough indeed and renting them is a great idea. Many a time when your friends come and ask for a DVD, then you give that to them, and by doing so gradually, the DVD gets scratches and all. And, it may give issues while playing. Thus, it is a good idea to make a copy of the DVD and give it to your friends when they ask. So, your original copy will be safe. You can play a DVD and copy it using recording feature and even it has a dedicated option to copy the DVD content as well.


Playing the Movies and Converted Videos on the software: Though one does have media players to create playlists, etc. the Audials app has a very significant advantage of bringing everything on Cloud. So if you have it in your playlist, it’s available wherever you go.


All you need to do is to click on the share button as shown below.


The Audials Phone App: Since everything is being stored on cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere. But you need to install the App on your phone. The app is the usual Audials Radio app.


The software is much better than the freeware tools, especially ‘Freemake’. It’s not only about the legalities and the spamware, but the performance as well. Eg. When I tried to download a 128MB 1080HD video from Youtube, it needed 20 minutes somewhat for that, but Audials Moviebox did it in a few seconds. The reason was that it downloaded at almost the speed of my internet connection. And honestly speaking, time matters a lot unless you are a student.

The other positive was its cloud storage. That was great indeed. Perhaps, it saves a lot of space on my phone’s memory card.

The Conclusion: The new Audials MovieBox 2016 Software isn’t bad at all. With the cloud storage and carefully designed software, it is highly recommended.

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