Best Google Chrome Extensions Download For Windows 7,XP,8


Best Google Chrome Extensions -After becoming Google chrome so famous and so trendy,it provides you  option of Extensions.In other words Extensions are called Plugins.Extensions allow users to work smoothly and also save time.It provides you awesome browsing.Before Google Chrome there were Mozilla Firefox was  in big demand but after came into existence Google Chrome,Firefox  has gone lost.

Google chrome has various Extensions that allow you to work smooth So in this post we are gonna show you list of few tremendous Google Chrome Plugins .Read this tutorial and get list of great Google Chrome Extensions  right now. Google Chrome Extensions gives its users awesome environment to access internet and also save time.So here we go and there are your precious Google Chrome Plugins .

 Google Chrome Extensions 2014 :

Now we are gonna show you Google Chrome Extensions of the year of 2014 ,here is the list of top and most popular Google Chrome Extensions ,take a look below :


google chrome best plugins

This extension is really works great and as its name suggest it just block advertisements.This extension block unwanted advertisements.When we surf internet or open some website then it block that advertisements that appear on it.In this it save our time and improve browsing speed.When we watch something like video or reading some text online then it became so panic if any ads display over there So Adblock prevent us from that kind of  unnecessary things.

LastPass Vault

google chrome best plugins

LastPass Vault  is password manager and it automatically form filter and make browsing safe and secure and very simple.This one the good option for internet users,Because if privacy is a major concern and you give more priority to privacy then you should go for LastPass Vault.


google chrome best plugins


In the list of Google Chrome Extensions 2014,Clearly is the one of goo option too.This is created by Evernote and if you are reading some kind of text or article on internet then it is the best option for you  and its a free extension to work with it .User can save any selective article to Clearly and can read when ever wanna .

FVD Downloader

google chrome extensions

This extension in the list of Google Chrome Extensions is damn good because if you want to download any video online the you can do it just in one click and it is possible with the help of FVD Downloader .As we know that there are so many tools and mechanisms are available for downloading videos but by using this extension user can download any particular video just once in click.But this extension do not download Youtube videos due to  privacy policy of Chrome but you can use it for any other websites.

Awesome Screenshot

google chrome extensions

By using this Extension you can edit any screen shot and get link via it.This helps to capture any portion of images or whole web page.If you want to take screen shot of any thing on internet then you must use this extension.Another thing about this extension is that it support large files and support .PNG format too.

So just try and use above mentioned Google Chrome Extensions and tell us your reviews that how was your experience and share your thoughts with us and enjoy Google Chrome Extensions .

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