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Most of the smart and tech-friendly business owners rely on their websites and blogs to engage and interact with their existing clients and at the same time utilize it as a medium to attract new customers. But apart from creating a creative web content, you need to select a good web host too. Reliable web hosting is the building block of any website.  MilesWeb web hosting service is such a trusted name in the web hosting world. But before we get into details of MilesWeb, let us check the basic concept behind web hosting.

What is web hosting?

A web host is a reserve or the storehouse of all your website contents. It, not your gives you a dumping or storage space but also assign you with an address for your website. In this space, you can store your files, documents and accept messages from the client through mails. Thus, as a whole it provides storage space along with the domain name to your website.

Significance of web hosting

If you want to improve your business by enhancing the website traffic, you need to launch new products but at the same time need to update your website by featuring newsletter, publishing blogs and other client testimonials. All these things are skillfully executed by a reliable web hosting server. More precisely, it offers flexibility to change the environment of the business medium anytime and anywhere.

Why MilesWeb is the Best OpenCart Hosting Provider in India?


MilesWeb is the latest sensation in the web hosting domain. Catering a lot of features, MilesWeb is considered to be the most ideal one compared to many of its competitors.  Check out its latest features:

  • Provides completely free SSL certificate

MilesWeb web host provides completely free SSL certificate to the users. With this SSL certificate, MilesWeb protects your website and your visitor’s valuable and confidential data. At the same time, it also uplifts the website ranking in the search results.

  • Round the clock quality service

MilesWeb provides miles long service which is active 24*7. Any time you encounter any kinds of problems related to web hosting, MilesWeb customer care officials are there for your help. You can also enter into a live chat with them to get immediate guidance from the experts.

  • Excellent money back policy

If you are not satisfied with the service of this host or you are experiencing any kind of discrepancy, the MilesWeb officials will immediately refund your money. Usually, the duration of the refunding is 30days.

  • One Click installation

In this fast-paced world, no one wants to waste time. The same thought is applicable to website development as well. OpenCart and its instant updates are just a click apart from MilesWeb and can be installed in a jiffy.  All these are operated through Cpanel or Softaculous.

Other Notable Attributes of MilesWeb

  • Provides unlimited storage SSD so that you never run out of memory and can keep on updating web content without any panic attacks of storage issues.
  • With unlimited Bandwidth, you can get maximum speed while downloading and viewing the website contents. This is beneficial for the customers as he/she won’t need to wait for long to get the web page loaded.
  • Daily website backup ensures that each and every new update modifications are stored in the SSD space of the web host server MilesWeb.
  • The dedicated and focused hosting schemes solely take the responsibility to manage your web content, and you can remain focused on your business and sales value.
  • It is compatible with OpenCart and all its themes and other web designing tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, This compatibility has made it one of the best servers at present.
  • It provides customer-friendly service around the clock whenever the users are in need of any kind of The experts are available anytime of the day and night for the users seeking guidance.
  • It is voted as the most trusted web hosting server compared to the others owing to its amazing features, quality services and authenticity.
  • Its schemes and policies are cost effective when tallied with other web hosting servers. There are suitable schemes for all users from which they can choose as per the requirements.
  • As soon as the payment is being made your account is active in the web world, and you can then focus in web designing with OpenCart.
  • All its monthly schemes over hosting services do not go through contract tantrums. You needn’t to make any contract or tie-ups with them.

While designing a website you definitely need a trusted web hosting server and MilesWeb is the symbol of this trustworthiness. So, without waiting anymore just get an account in MilesWeb and get your web designed with OpenCart.

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