How to Boost Your Company’s Cool


company's cool


Come on, don’t you want your business to be more cool? I know I probably already sound out of touch, using the word “cool” in a business context. Hasn’t the coolness of “cool” expired by now? Like, in the nineties or something?


By “cool”, I don’t mean “down with the kids”. I don’t mean I’m going to start suggesting you blare Drake hits from your office windows, or whatever it is the kids are down with these days. When I say “cool”, I’m really just referring to you general likeability. I’m referring to that certain something that makes you endearing to everyday people. And with skepticism about the humanity of businesses at an all-time high, you should be doing your best to be endearing to the public.

Here are some tips to get you started on the path to being lovable.

Expose a great personality on social media

Say what you want about Twitter: it’s an extremely useful, interesting, revealing tool. And that’s how I want you to see it. As a tool. Many businesses use it for marketing purposes. This is indeed what businesses should be using it for, but sometimes they make it so obvious. Their Tweets are boring or attention-seeking in the wrong way.

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The best way to market yourself on Twitter is to have a great personality on it. Some of the exchanges that the likes of Argos and Pizza Hut have engaged in have shown the world that there are very funny people working at those companies. Decide on a fun character for your company and play up to it on social media.

Build a great mobile app

Nothing gets the tech crowd buzzing these days like a great new app. The tricky part for companies is finding out what they want their app to do. If it provides the same service that your website does, but in a smooth app form, then that’s great. But those don’t tend change the scene any more than your company already has. (Exceptions being apps like Tidal or Spotify.)

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If you can come up with a great new concept that is somehow relevant to your business, then that is more likely to get a lot of new attention. I can’t make any suggestions though, I’m afraid! You’ll have to brainstorm that yourself! Work with professionals in mobile application development and see if you can get the tech heads turning.

Promote green and humanitarian causes

Don’t you know it’s cool to be ethical? When a company uses its power to contribute to societal good, it gets noticed. It gets tongues wagging and mouses clicking. Of course, I’m not saying you should only promote environment protection or civil rights just for publicity. It would certainly help if you genuinely cared about the cause you’re promoting! But its power to endear you to people is remarkable.

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Ongoing case in point! Some of the biggest names in corporate America have rallied against discrimination in North Carolina. Aside from being an amazing and important contribution to civil rights, these actions also sent social media crazy. That’s a win for everybody, right? (Except, of course, the people trying to make it legal to discriminate against people. But who wants those guys to win?)

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