Buy American Made Products to Keep the Economy Strong


Every year, millions of people in the US who work in manufacturing find they are out of work. This means that they no longer have an income to support their family with. However, it also means that the economy of the country as a whole starts to drop. If the country does want to become fully self-sufficient again, the way it was in the recent past, then Americans need to start supporting their country again. This also means that they should buy American made products. Sure, things from Taiwan and China are cheap, but do you realise what the true cost of these things are? It means people right here in our own country can’t put food on the table, driving our own nation further and further into poverty. Additionally, it means that future generations become less interested in learning certain skills in order to create items, because they are simply made in China anyway. As such, there is a chance that certain skills will truly be lost for generations.


Reasons Why You Should Buy American Made Products

If you need reasons to buy American made products, then consider the following:

  • When you buy American, it means an American citizen is able to hold on to their job and ensure their family maintains their standard of living and is able to continue supporting the country’s economy themselves.
  • Money made by companies in this country stays in this country. This means that they support our own economy.
  • Things that are made right here have to meet stringent safety and quality regulations. Other countries have far laxer regulations and although this is an opportunity for them to keep their prices low, it also means that you are putting users, including yourself, at risk.
  • By shopping American, you save on energy. No longer is there any need for your little gadgets to be flown in all the way from Taiwan, or for those cheap and nasty clothes (made in sweatshops, of course) to be cargo shipped into this country. By shopping local, you can save the environment significantly.
  • It ensures that America once again becomes self-sufficient. We have to make sure our own abilities to manufacture are maintained, so that we never become dependent on another country for anything.
  • You can be proud to won something American and locally made.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should buy made in America products, and there are many more.

You do, however, have to make something truly is made in America. A few ways of finding this out include:

  • Check the label. If it is truly made here, it will say so on the label without spelling mistakes (some foreign countries will lie on their labels, but you can usually pick those out).
  • Look at the price. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid.
  • Check the internet for the brand and company and see where they are registered and where they operate from.

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