Camfrog – A Platform to have Video Chats in Your Fingertips


Gone are days when video chatting was reserved for those who knew every bit of technical aspect of such tools and were confident enough to use Internet. There are now more than enough tools available in World Wide Web! There are even websites that allow you to chat with strangers randomly. In this post, we have taken effort to introduce one of the best, standalone video chatting solutions that will help you to keep in touch with your friends or other purposes (well, video chatting is now used for many kinds of purposes, you know, including webinars, classes, interactions and anything else that is restricted by the conceptions of location) — Camfrog Video Chat. We will start our introduction with a basic overview of Camfrog Video Chat and then will move on to other aspects of the software, which are worth discussing.

Camfrog Video Chat


As far as a normal internet user is concerned, Camfrog is a place where you can interact with many of your friends or others right from a single video chat. Apart from video, both audio and text- based chats are supported by Camfrog and it has enough features to make Camfrog the best solution you can get for video chatting purposes. So, when put in simpler words, Camfrog can be used to chat with your friends as well as public (well, yeah, there are some public chat rooms that are worth listening to). And, as we have said earlier, Camfrog is completely free to use and you will have to pay nothing in order to chat with your favourite people using Camfrog. On the other hand, you will have to download Camfrog to your device, sign in with your Camfrog account (create one if you do not have an account) and sit back and relax to start the video chat. Now, as you have a somewhat basic idea about Camfrog Video Chat, we will move on to noticeable features of the tool.

  • One of the most appreciable features of Camfrog is that it has created particular chat rooms keeping in mind that there will be people who make use of sign language. In a world that is not bound by location by means of Internet, people do not have to be tensed about whether they know a particular type of knowledge to keep in contact with others — it’s somewhat great, isn’t it?
  • Of course, Camfrog chat rooms are superb when you have to meet new people and create friends. Using such chat rooms, you can chat with a number of users and listen what they have to say. If you do not have a webcam with you, you will be able to use voice or text as a medium to chat with those people in group. Since all these features are free, you can chat as much as you want.
  • In addition to voice and video calling, Camfrog also offers an option to call to landline phones and mobiles as well.

Considering all its features as well as opinion made by other users out there, Camfrog is one of the best solutions for Instant Messaging you can grab. However, we’d like to know what you think of Camfrog as an IM.

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