What can you expect from Windows 10?


You might be aware of the famous tech news that the IT giant, Microsoft has announced its fresh operating system “Windows 10” which is considered as an important release from the company. Yes! Millions of users were not satisfied with the performance of Windows 8 and went back to Windows 7. We have heard a lot of rumors about Windows 9 but the Microsoft has skipped Windows 9 for no evident reason and heads straight to Windows 10.

It is expected that the Windows 10 will be the “The best Windows yet” as it would contain some prominent features better than Windows 8. Moreover, it would resemble Windows 7 than Windows 8 and its user interface would be more traditionally designed to avoid frustrations caused by Windows 8. Returning of Start Menu, presence of modern apps, updated command prompt, enhanced touch-friendly view, Virtual desktops, Snap view multitasking, Continuum – to switch between touch and non-touch interfaces, improved security, trackpad gesture shortcuts  are some of the superior sure-fire features will be available on Windows 10.


Other than the normal improved features, there might be some desired or imaginary features which you can likely expect from Windows 10. The rumors of this newly announced OS of Microsoft has been increasing and thus I came here to discuss some expected features of Windows 10 through this post. Please note that the following features are results of assumption and the true features will be revealed after the product release.

Most Expected Features of Windows 10

1. Better notification

A revamped notification center and a toolbar with search option might be included in Windows 10. It is expected that the notification pop-up will be a rectangular box in the upper-right corner of the screen. In the current version, notifications are limited to tiny bubbles at the bottom of the screen.

 2. Advanced update for all drivers

At present, there are several OEM drivers existing to update the Windows but still you need to search a lot for the latest drivers and download special utilities. So, it is projected that the Windows 10 would contain download drivers option through Windows update to make the driver update process simpler and faster.

 3. Transparent effect

If you’re an avid Windows user, you might be familiar with the Aero Glass feature in Windows Vista. But, to improve the battery life of PCs, Microsoft cut down the transparency effect in Windows 8. Now a days, most of the PCs are equipped with graphic cards to manage Aero Glass and thus the transparency upshot is expected in Windows 10. Since the Apple has brought the same effect in its new OS, X Yoasmite, the Microsoft has included drop-shadow effect in Windows 10 technical preview.

 4. Pin everything to Start Menu and Taskbar

It is assumed that you could have the option to pin anything to Start Menu. For example, you could pin the recycle-bin by opening the Explorer window by right-clicking, choosing Desktop under Favorites. If you want to have Recycle-bin on your task bar, you could drag it from the Start Menu. Like the same, you could pin whatever you want on Start Menu and Taskbar.

 5. Most-used folders for easy access

What would you find while launching an Explorer Window in the current/earlier version of Windows? A list of drives and libraries, isn’t it? But I’m expecting a default landing page to show your preferred folders and mostly used folders for easy access. Likewise, you may get tabbed interface for file explorer with which you could view two tabbed folders in a single window.

 6. Fastest booting OS

When we talk about the performance of the system, boot time of the OS is an important factor to be considered. Even though Microsoft has improved the boot time efficiency of Windows 8, you may expect lightning fast booting feature from Windows 10, Am I right? Even, I wish to have Windows 10 as the fastest booting OS ever.

7. Enhanced power consumption

It is possible to preserve the power consumption of Windows 8 by enabling hybrid sleep. But the latest version of Apple’s OS has efficient power consumption features by using instant Hotspot and thus it is more likely to have efficient data management with it. To compete with the new OS of Apple, Microsoft should include better power-saving features other than hybrid sleep.

 8. Multiple desktops

To have cubical desktops, we need to use specialized software like Compiz  in Windows 8, I would imagine the multiple desktops as an in-built feature of Windows 10 to get impressive graphics effect and keep the work things separated from personal stuffs.

 9. Cloud Support

To make the synchronization process easy with apps and services, Windows 10 is likely to support cloud-base syncing. If so, it will need internet access and it would be easy to restore Windows in case of any malfunction.

 10. Cortana – Voice assistant feature

There is a buzz that Microsoft is testing Cortana (digital assistant feature) internally to beat Apple’s Siri & Google now. This feature may reside in the task bar just above the new search button of Windows 10. It is also believed that this feature would replace the existing search feature of Windows 8.

11. Powerful PC Settings

In the current/previous Windows version, controlling features has been split below the Control Panel and PC settings. It is somewhat frustrating to go two different areas to set something and thus it is much anticipated that settings choices would get combined under single area.

12. Higher app usage

To have more productivity, Windows 10 may support snap assist feature to grab multiple apps together and place them next to each other. Likewise, to give support for .rar and.bz2 files in File Explorer, third party app like WinZip should be included in Windows 10 rather downloading it from the web.

Other than the above desired Windows 10 features, I would like to have specific background images for every virtual desktops, little animation in the Start menu, Gorgeous boot screen, option to choose multiple tiles while using “CTRL” and Notepad ++ application from the unreleased Windows version.

Windows 10 Release Date

The release date of Windows 10 is not yet known but there is a word from Microsoft that it will be available at the mid of next year (April 2015).

Final words:

Next major update to Windows was given by Microsoft and this new OS is called “Windows 10”. It is being designed in such a way that it will run across an array of devices ranging from 4 – 80 inches screen and expected to be released in next year with some outstanding features. Since Microsoft decides to have a single OS for all devices, this fresh software would consider as a most comprehensive platform ever.

Technical preview of Windows 10 has now been released for developers and PC users to experience the OS before availability of product. Windows 8 was unsuccessful due to plethora of detractors and thus we can expect some enterprise-friendly features in Windows 10. I hope you’ve engaged with the imaginary features of Windows 10.

What is your opinion about this post? What features you want to see in Windows 10? Do you have any desired/requested features for the new OS of Microsoft? Share your insights in comment section.

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