Can GetResponse beat other email marketing tools?


We are living in the age of Internet where anything, as well as everything we do, is basically related to social networks or Internet marketing in some way or the other. Businesses, as well as organizations that earlier kept themselves confined to the offline world, are now finding space across the internet. Well, looking at the perks of being a part of Internet, we can undoubtedly say that there is nothing wrong in it.

If you are also an internet marketer who is looking forward to getting started with your very own email marketing campaigns as well as tools, I can say that you are lucky enough to have several high- end as well as highly effective email marketing tools to your rescue. Yes, gone are the days when we had to send out each mail manually while also keeping track on the list so as to make sure that we are not missing out on even a single customer. Phew such a relief, right?

Why is Email Marketing Important?

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The answer to this question is that emails are the most basic as well as so far the most powerful tool that we have used for communicating online. We are made familiar with the world of Internet and emails starting from a very young age, and we profusely use it for the purpose of communicating with our family, friends as well as colleagues. Not only this, multinational organizations and companies with big brand value also makes use of emails for the purpose of making their market presence felt among their customers. Emails are used by businesses as well as other service- providing companies over the internet to make their clients aware of their upcoming products, services, tips, offers, discounts, deals, etc.

Introducing – GetResponse

If you are also one of those new and prospective email marketers who are looking forward to starting their very own email marketing campaign, then I am here to help you in finding the most effective email marketing tool out there. This email marketing tool goes by the name “GetResponse”, and it helps you in not only organizing as well as managing your emails; rather it also provides you with the power to design your emails and newsletters and also analyze and get timely updates on its effectiveness and market reach.

Everything you need to know about GetResponse

GetResponse is a very popular email marketing tool that provides internet marketers with the power to manage and send out their emails as per their choice and desire. In this post below, I will be providing you with a detailed walk through the GetResponse email marketing tool.


GetResponse is a comparatively newly launched email marketing tool that has hit the market. You can use this tool for the purpose of extending as well as advertising your business over the internet in an effective as well as cost- efficient manner. Like me, you will also be amazed to see the level of customization that this email marketing tool provides. Even though GetResponse comes with it’s very own set of predesigned templates, it gives you the power to customize all your emails as well as newsletters before sending them out to the desired customer base.

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Apart from this, GetResponse also makes it possible for you to send out newsletters and advertising campaigns to a large number of email addresses at the same time. This means that there is no longer the need to enter manually each email id as well as to track them. Another perk of being associated with the GetResponse email marketing tool is that it is responsive in nature and caters to the needs of both mobile as well as land- based users. This means that you do not have to worry about whether your email has been accessible to all kinds of users.

One of the crucial reasons why I prefer the GetResponse email marketing tool above others is that it also enables me to carry out A/B testing. This testing gives me a better insight of the marketing campaign that I am running, and it also makes sure that I am rewarded with better features and results at the end.

GetResponse also provides me with minute-to-minute analytics of my email marketing campaign in order to make sure that I have real time information regarding the reach and performance of my campaign. It also provides me with enough data so that I can check if my campaign is working in the right direction or not.


I have tried including as much data as possible in this review. The best features that I like in GetResponse is the A/B testing features that helps me determine and eliminate the shortcomings in my campaigns, and hence most of my campaigns give me better results. I have tried many email marketing tools, but I find GetResponse the best one to use.

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