Capturing Video in High Definition Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read This to Find Out Why?


Want to record HD videos? Movavi Screen Capture Studio can help you; it is an HD video recorder that allows you to record screen in HD format and save your captured screencasts in a high-resolution format. In addition, the software enables you to edit your recorded videos, create excellent video tutorials, and burn your recordings to DVD.

What Are The Highlights of Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Here are the prominent features that you can leverage to create the best possible videos for yourself:

  • Easy and seamless interface—the interface of the software is extremely easy and simple to use. The program window displays, after you have launched the same, with the System Audio option, the Select Capture Area section, the REC button, the microphone option, and others.
  • Different preset sizes and resolutions—the list box located in the Select Capture Area section lets you select any present size or resolution you want for your video.
  • Diversified frame rates—the software enables you to record your videos in numerous frame rates, including 15, 25, 30, 50, and 60.

How to Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Note: Download and install Movavi Screen Capture Studio in your computer system by following the process of installation carefully

Perform the following steps to record your desired videos by means of Movavi Screen Capture Studio:

  • Work with the recording parameters—Launch the software in your computer system after installing the same. The program window appears with Select Capture Area that allows you to select the desired preset size. Click the drop down list arrow located in Select Capture Area. In addition, select the name of your monitor in the Full-Screen section, if you want to capture a full-screen HD video.


Then, locate Video under Preferences that is located under Capture, and set the appropriate frame rate in the relevant field given for the same. Select 60 frames per second, which is the fastest speed, to capture HD video recordings. Furthermore, ensure that have free space in an adequate amount on the hard drive of your computer system to create big output files.


  • Record your videos—to record your desired videos, you need to click the REC button; this would start capturing or recording the video from your computer screen. Once you are done with recording your video, you need to click the Stop


  • Save your recordings in HD format—Go to the preview window and open the Save as Locate Video and audio formats under HD Video to see a great number of HD formats: WMV, MP4, MKV, and so many more. Select the desired format out of the given formats and click the Save button. Wait till your recording gets converted to the selected format.



How easy it may  possible get? You just need to select your desired HD resolution and click the REC button, and you are done. Movavi Screen Capture Studio definitely makes recording HD videos a cakewalk for you.

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