How to Choose the Best Internet Security Software


There are a number of golden rules out there when it comes to choosing the best internet security software. Golden rules, as you probably know, are rules that should always stick to. Since internet security software is there to protect you from malicious outside intent, it is even more important that you stick to them. So, here are the five golden rules you need to know to choose the best internet security software.

Best Internet Security Software Golden Rule #1

Your internet security package should have anti-malware. This will stop malicious software to get into your computer and take sensitive data from you, like your personal details and passwords. It should instantly be able to detect any malware (including spyware and viruses) and remove them immediately.


Best Internet Security Software Golden Rule #2

The package should come with a firewall. This will stop unauthorised elements of the internet from communication with one another. A firewall will protect you from Trojans, for instance, which are designed to come into your computer, take your personal information (like your banking details) and leave again to tell someone else about your details. The firewall is a double protection feature. Often, routers have a firewall built in, but this is often not the best one.

Best Internet Security Software Golden Rule #3

Make sure it includes anti-phishing software as well. Phishing is a preferred hacker method of getting information to you that may convince you to part with your money. Many phishing emails are blatantly obvious, like Ban Ki Moon telling you that your long lost Nigerian General uncle has left you millions and all you have to do is transfer a few funds to pay the notary. Others, however, are not as obvious. They may look like they came from your bank, or from Microsoft, for instance, and they are incredibly well hidden. A good security package will be able to remove phishing emails straight away.

Best Internet Security Software Golden Rule #4

If you use any kind of email, then you should really also get anti-spam software. There are some that will automatically recognise spam and others have to be “trained” to recognise it. Either way, it is a bare necessity to stop you from getting hundreds of unwanted emails every day.

Best Internet Security Software Golden Rule #5

A good security software packages should always have a backup feature. Most people don’t think they will ever need this, and they may be right. However, if you happen to be that one in a hundred that does need a backup, but you haven’t got it, then you would be up the proverbial creek. Not just that, backup facilities are usually stored offsite, which means you can also access them if you have to purchase a brand new computer.

Hopefully, this has been beneficial in helping you choose the right software package for you. Take your time to read some trusted reviews on the different packages as well. A lot of it is really down to common sense.

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