Why Christmas is Celebrated?


Christmas is an annual festival that is celebrated in the honor of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is celebrated on 25th of December. It is cultural as well as religious celebration among the billions of pupils in all over the world. Christmas is a public holiday in several nations. And it is celebrated by numbers of non-Christian or former people, as well as it is an integral part of the Christmas plus holiday season.


Reason for Xmas Celebration

The birth year of Jesus Christ is not mentioned anywhere, unfortunately the exact birth date and year of a Jesus is unknown. The birth year of Jesus is estimated in modern history that is has been in between about 7 and 2 BC. On the Christmas day, i.e. 25th December, the Christians who are living in all over the world gather to celebrate the Jesus’ birth. Brightly wrapped gifts, joyful carols, festive foods, special liturgies, all these characterize the feast today (mainly in the northern hemisphere).

Estimated Data

The exact day and year of Jesus birth is not described anywhere. Thus, the bible gives few clues regarding with the birth of Jesus. The extra biblical proofs from the 1st & 2nd century is equally unused, because there is no mention of the celebrations of a birth in the writing of previous Christian writers, like Tertullian (c. 160-225) or Irenaeus (c. 130-200). No date is mentioned for the birth of Jesus, so the church decided 25th December as the birth of Jesus because it is estimated that he was born in cold days.

Ways to Celebrate

Jesus is a leader, who teaches the basic of his religion. There are number of followers of Jesus, due to that his birthday is an important day for the people. On this day, the people went to church, decorate their house, decorate the Christmas tree, exchange gifts with friends or family members, have a social get together, dinner with friends or family members, and most importantly waiting for the Santa Clause. The celebratory customs related in various nations with the Christmas day have a mix of secular themes, origins, pre-Christian, and Christian. While the recent famous custom of the Christmas includes the carolling, Christmas music, gift giving, church celebrations, an exchange of the Christmas card, special meal, display of various decorations like nativity scenes, Christmas tree, wreaths, Christmas lights, garlands, holly, and mistletoe. Moreover, numerous closely related act as some special figure, like Saint Nicholas, Santa Clause, Christkind, and Father Christmas, these all bring the gifts for children during the Christmas season as well as have their own way of lore and tradition.


Christmas gifts are very important in the auspicious day Xmas, numerous Christmas gifts for men, women, and kids are available in the market. So, the people can buy the Christmas gifts are per their choice and budget, as well as they can get the Christmas gift ideas from the internet. On the other hand, the people can also make gifts in their home, and the best homemade gift is a greeting card. And it is a most efficient way to express the feeling and emotions towards someone.

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