Do Not Ask How I Bought Cheap Quality Phone Let Me Show You How with CouponMachine


The funniest thing about having friends about friends is that you will always want to be like them in a way. You want to make their environment and taste to be the same as yours with the reason of making a perfect match, and that is just great enough. At least this is true for me, I have no idea how it is for you. I was using an old school phone to a point my best friends started complaining about it. They actually said there were better phones out there and did not understand quite why I was using this old and outdated style.


I was honest with them, I did not have enough saving to buy the best phone and if I wanted to buy one, I had to convince mom and dad that there are good reasons to buy a new phone. Well, I could not find any, so I was honest to myself that if I found a solution, a way to buy a new phone at a discount price, then I would do that with the little savings that I had. They gave me a suggestion that I could shop online at huge discount prices if I used Coupon Machine, Indian’s biggest coupon website on the internet today.

After a few weeks of gathering the much I could, I took a look at the site and browsed through the offers available. They were great and overwhelming but I did not know how to use them or what they meant. I opted that I would consult the support on the website and I got immediate help that I needed to get started with the coupons.

  • The person(s) at the support desk was quite professional. He or she helped me to understand what coupons are, why they are important the possible amount I could save when I used coupons from in to shop for my phone from any of the thousands of online stores in my country India.
  • I also wanted to know the benefits of using these instead of buying at the initial price of the item in the local shop or online. There were quite great advantages one of them being able to get the items earlier than having to wait to buy it after a long time.
  • The support said that this is a new way to encourage people to shop more on the internet and in addition to that, the product would be shipped to me within few days without me ever having to worry about the shipping fees.

After redeeming a coupon from shopclues deal page and buying the item, the only thing that remained was to wait for the item to arrive and it surely did arrive on time just the same way the support at Coupon Machine had promise. Now, I do not know much about coupons or what because I am still young in most things, but from the description offered by support, it looks like a great deal to save money. I will use this in future to buy more items online.

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