What all should be considered while creating a social media strategy?


Social media nowadays is becoming a prominent platform to promote business. Anything and everything that can find a place on social media gets maximum coverage. The users of social media have increased and hence their impact on every business has increased many folds. Creating a social media strategy does become one of the most important strategies any business would involve in. It is not a difficult task. It just needs plan and designed factors to ensure that success is achieved. Any step that is taken on social media should be aligned to the strategy and thus any like, comment, post that goes on the platform should be guided. This seems like a tedious job but when done in a planned manner against achievable goals it becomes easy.

What all should be considered while creating a social media strategy?

Social media strategy simply means using a strategy to ensure that the social media is providing benefits to the business. There are few factors which can help create a better strategy. These factors should form the basis of every action made online.

  • Concrete Objective: – A well defined objective helps the strategist to create better steps. Objective should be in numbers of achievable targets that can be easily broken down to actionable steps. The objectives should also be aligned to the major goal or vision of the business. The broad marketing strategy and these objectives or goals should have the same base. The objectives are considered effective when they are S.M.A.R.T. which means – specific, Measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. A good example of a SMART goal could be using a platform for a particular aspect and then adding a time line to it.
  • Target Customers:- Social media platforms have many users, not everyone will be your target audience. The Social media strategists should be able to find the target audience so that strategy is designed and advertized keeping them in mind. The target customers have a special preference, everything that goes online should be done keeping in mind these target audience. There could be advertisements focusing the preferences of these audiences.
  • Identifying the competition: – Social media is a place where the competitor’s and their action can easily be identified. It is not difficult to see what others are doing. When the competitors and their actions are identified the business can easily create a newer and better strategy to have an edge over them. Competition of social media is huge hence one should identify that not everything should be considered competition. It is interesting to see here that even though not everything is a competition, market leaders definitely can be seen as a source of motivation. The market leaders provide a path of cutting edge ideas and excellence, learning from which could definitely be used.

The world of social media is dynamic, there are changes in customers liking, preferences and buying patterns. One social media strategy thus cannot be used for long , the need is to be constantly working on the social profiles and make them as attractive as possible.

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