DealGuru Review: The Guru of Best Deals


Online shopping had become one of the trends these days and growing popular among people. The craze of online shopping had been felt among the people and is continuously increasing. People are growing smart and saving their lot of time to by shopping online rather than going to stores. Also, people are searching for some offers that provide them good deals for their product. AskMeBazaar is the Indian e-commerce store to find the best selling and buying offers. DealGuru is one of the best sections in AskMeBazaar, which deals with number of deals. This initiative taken by AskMeBazaar is highly appreciable.


How DealGuru Works?

You might be thinking that why e-commerce portals like AskMeBazaar need another section for offering deals to its customers and opportunity of selling. This section is named as DealGuru. But, you will be surprised to know that there is a strong difference between these two. AskMeBazaar is online store but DealGuru deals with the offers. It can be used to access different inventories available at different shops or manufacturing companies at discounted price. The company had re-treated their stocks to store again.

DealGuru asks every manufacturing company and every shop for their excess inventory. The excess inventory are products that occupies company or shop’s storage that had been sold or are waiting to be discarded, but still are in great sellable condition. DealGuru will be putting the price tag on those products and if deals are settled between DealGuru and seller. The products will be placed on DealGuru with DealGuru’s price tag. The cost will be very lower than official retail price because it will be counted as clearing sale.

DealGuru is dealing with discounted offers and therefore the site is named as DealGuru. Leaving this part aside, everything else is similar to an e-commerce website. You will be having a virtual cart, where you will be putting your stuff and then paying for whatever you have on your cart. After you place an order on DealGuru, the staff will call you back and confirm your order at later time.

Who can Buy & Sell?

Anyone can sell and buy the stuff on DealGuru. There isn’t any extra charge for using their domain or their platform. You just need a little investment. This investment is the minimal transaction charge. This amount will not bother you much.

Kangna Ranaut is promoting DealGuru on large scale. This make DealGuru as trustworthy website and you can even check the e-commerce commercial of AskMeBazaar is endorsed by Kangna Ranaut. You must not hesitate to deal here.

What is the Transaction Charge?

The delivery is free, but some charges will be included in the selling price of products. This is considered as processing charge that is the cost to deliver your product. It is included in the order price and is a very little amount. You just need to sit back after making the payment till the product arrives. You can even track your order through your account. So, visit DealGuru today and find the best deal.

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