Speed up your Android device with the DU Speed Booster app


How many of you have an Android device that gets slow every once in a while? The only option for these slowed down Android devices is a factory reset, which is a big inconvenience. With every reset, you need to setup your device all over again, which is a pain.

But to be honest, this is not something you should blame Android for. The Android device manufacturers didn’t think of farfetched experience for their users and just created un-optimized set of hardware to run Android on. I have seen phones with 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 256 MB RAM.

How can you expect Android to breathe in that small amount of space? But then, a user who has been using a device for a long time but can’t upgrade to a new phone needs to find a way to boost the performance of their current phone. This is why I am writing about DU Speed Booster app, which is a great app with some great features that improve the performance of your device.

This tool is a suite of different features like a cache cleaner, security manager, app manager, phone booster, game booster and many other features that you can use on your phone.

What is DU Speed Booster? – Introduction

DU Speed Booster, as I mentioned above, is an app that can be used to improve your device’s performance by using the set of features that the tool provides.

There are some great features built right inside the app that many other tools claim to do as well but they are require using several different apps, but DU Speed Booster is just one app – Jack of all trades, apparently.

You get a cache and files cleaner, you have an integrated antivirus, you also get a game booster to make your gaming experience better.

Let us talk about the major features of DU Speed Booster one by one in this post.

DU Speed Booster – Features!

Trash Cleaner

cache cleaner

The app will scan your phone’s SD card as well as the internal memory and look for the cache size as well as unwanted and unused files that you should get rid of.

The cache size of a phone only gets bigger and bigger as you use it so it is important that you keep a check on the device and clear the cache every once in a while in order to keep your phone snappy and responsive.

This feature will also find any unwanted app APKs, and you can delete them as well.

Phone Boost

phone boost

This feature allows you to clear the RAM on your phone to free up some space in your RAM to make your phone faster. RAM plays a big role and is a deciding factor when it comes to the performance of the device. You need to have enough RAM free to run apps.

If RAM is not free, then you will notice that the phone will be really sluggish, and apps might crash.

Game Booster

Game Booster

This feature will scan for games installed on your phone and after scanning it will make a few changes and clear up certain things like cache and RAM to make the game perform much better.

This feature has a great effect on the improved performance of games, and you will see lesser frame drops and what not.



The DU Speed Booster app comes integrated with an antivirus that can scan your phone and check if the apps you have installed are legit, or they are some kind of viruses.

Viruses are also a big problem and can slow down your Android device, and there is always a threat of identity and data theft.

Battery Saver


If your phone’s battery dies and drains really fast, this feature will act like a life saver for you. It disables certain settings in order to save your battery from draining out really fast.

Verdict – Final word

This is a really nice app with some great features, and basically it acts like a Swiss Army knife for your phone, and comes with many inbuilt tools. I like the phone booster and security feature the best.

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