Earn up to $115 per sale with Host1Plus Affiliate – Review & Details


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Web hosting is one of the most sold products online. With so many companies and business going online, the need for a good hosting provider is increasing day by day. Keep in mind that it’s not just the companies that are going online. You  will find that even individual people are going online and setting up their businesses, blogs, and many other websites.

To host these websites, they need a web hosting provider which can rent servers to them, and this is how web hosting is one of the biggest products to sell on the internet.

Keep in mind that the web hosting companies are huge in number and people look forward to buying those products and services that have been used and reviewed by others.

Hence, affiliates can easily promote web hosting companies and web hosting companies can then pay commissions to these affiliates in the return of sales that they provide to these web hosting companies.

In this post, we are going to talk about the Host1Plus Affiliate Program that allows you to earn up to $115 per sale by promoting their products.

Host1Plus Affiliate Program – What to expect?

Host1Plus is one of the best web-hosting providers on the internet right now. They have excellent support staff, and they also have great products and plans for the services they provide. They have been selling shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, domains, SEO services and much more.

You get a commission from selling only hosting products on Host1Plus, and their Affiliate Program is one of the best in the industry.

How to sign up & how does it work?

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Host1Plus Affiliate Program is easy to sign up for but they have an approval process before you can start promoting them. They have an approval process to maintain the quality of the people they partner with for the Affiliate Program.

Signing up is a very easy process, and you just have to fill a form and wait for the approval to be done. Follow the link below to sign up for Host1Plus Affiliate Program.

How much can I earn with Host1Plus?

To be honest, this depends on the number of sales you make, and it is obvious that the more sales you make, the more commissions you will be awarded with. You can earn up to $115 per sale with Host1Plus Affiliate Program.

There are basically two categories in which you can make sales and earn commissions in. Both of these categories have different tiers and different commissions, which we are going to discuss in the next section.

What are the commissions?

There are two categories, which have three tiers each. The first category is for sale below $40, and the other is for above $40.

Category 1: Sales below $40

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Tier 1 – 100%

Sell up to 14 products for an invoice value that is below $40 and you will get 100% of the sale amount as commission.

Tier 2 – 125%

If you are able to sell 15-24 products, which have an invoice value below $40, then you will be awarded 125% of the invoice value for those commissions.

Tier 3 – 150 %

Making sales over 25 products with bill value below $40 will get you 150% of the invoice amount as commission.

Category 2: Sale above $40

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Tier 1 – $65 per sale

Up to 14 sales that have an invoice value of $40 or more you will be commissioned $65 per sale.

Tier 2 – $90 per Sale

15-24 sales of $40 or more in invoice will help you in getting $90 per sale.

Tier 3 – $115 per Sale

If you can sell more than 25 products with a bill value of over $40, then you will be awarded a whooping sum of $115 per sale. That converts to $2875 for 25 sales you make.


Host1Plus Affiliate Program is one of the best Affiliate Programs in the web hosting market. You have a product with amazing support as well as the product. A good product to promote is the one, which works well for the customer, and hence your products will sell more.

With a pay per sale commission of up to $115, Host1Plus Affiliate is something we cannot ignore and encourage everyone to start promoting their services.

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