EaseUS Partition Master: Cut your Drive Efficiently


Isn’t it common sense not to buy tens of hard drives for different files and work instead of creating partitions on a single hard drive? Creating partitions helps in allocating only the space that is required for a particular work, instead of buying a costlier high space drives which will go unused.

Also, another need for creating a partition in a drive is that one should never keep the system files and personal data files in a single hard drive space. One small crash in the system and all your data is gone for a toss.

EaseUS Partition Master

Now you will ask what is the easiest way to partition a drive? While Mac has a straightforward option to partition a drive,  if you are a Windows user, you know how tedious and confusing it is to get it done without messing it up.

To come to the rescue, EaseUS developed a free partition software to help you with the trouble. Yes, you read it right. A free partition software which has the following 3 main features:

  1. Supports large data drives: It is quite obvious you will probably not partition a smaller drive. You can partition a hard drive which is 8TB in size for free. But if you own a 16TB or higher drive, you can purchase a commercial version of this partition software.
  2. User Interface: If you are like me who judges a software by its user interface and not only the performance, you will be glad to know, EaseUS Partition Master has a near and self-explanatory user interface even newbies can use as soon as they install it.
  3. Conversions: Did you know that GPT type disks are much faster than MBR disks? If you wish to convert your default MBR hard drives into GPT drives, you can do so with this free software.

Additional yet Important features

This software by EaseUS can help you partition drives without any data loss. Often we come across utilities that get the partition done, only to know that you lost few files in between the process.

The interesting feature according to us is moving the entire system files from one drive to another without losing and corrupting any system files. Dope.

While the main function of this software is to partition the drive, you can also merge two or more drives into one that too without any loss of the data. For e.g.,. you can merge your two personal data drives D and E into a single drive called F so that you have a larger drive. Simply select the 2 drives and click on Merge.

You can also shrink, enlarge, copy same files to another drive, clone a drive using this handy tool. Found this free software useful? Share it with your friends about the same.

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