Efficient ways to save money on Amazon


Why do people prefer online shopping? There are varieties of reason like

  1. Buying the items with one click.
  2. Don’t have to travel long.
  3. No need to carry bags.
  4. Stay away from traffic problems & holiday rush.
  5. Possibility of saving money through coupons.

Most of the people love to shop at Amazon as it sells pretty much products range from books to gadgets at competitive prices, have excellent customer service, discounted items and fast delivery options. You might wonder with the ways to save money on Amazon, is it so? No worries! Here are some efficient money-saving tips to buy products at this one-stop shop.


Tips to save your money on Amazon

Following are the effective ways to save on Amazon:

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a premium service for the shoppers that give many benefits including two free day shipping. With this paid membership option, you could get free streaming of movies and TV shows. You can also lend one eBook per month from Amazon library for free. If you often purchase on Amazon, this prime membership could be very helpful in saving money.

Make use of student & mom discounts

Amazon offers a fun program called Amazon student for students and they could sign-up with their .edu email address. In this program, you’ll get free Amazon Prime for 6 months and cash credit for referring friends. Likewise moms get discounts through Amazon Mom program where they can save up to 20% on all baby related products with free shipping. Thus both Amazon Student and Amazon Mom are great ways to conserve your cash.

Utilize coupon websites

Various coupon websites have been launched in India to make the shopping process more economical. One such attractive website is Zoutons.com which provides coupons and offers to buy online. This new coupon website has user-friendly interface, limited icons for convenient shopping and no annoying ads which would make you to have a good shopping experience. As it has best coupons in the market with economical price deals, I would recommend this site before making any online purchase.

Check daily deals

Amazon gives through Amazon India Coupons daily deals at heavy discounts (even up to 75%), so you may make use of it to save your money at a greater rate. On the same deals page, you could get details of lightning deals, digital deals and Amazon local deals.

Subscribe and save program

Amazon has a money-saving program called subscribe & save program for the users who make order for same items on regular basis. So, if you order a specific product every month, you may join this program to buy such products at discounted price.

Other deals

If you’re a shopaholic and wish to buy the products through Amazon, you can check the great deals like super saving shipping, warehouse deals, freebies, the two browser trick and Amazon outlet. You may also check for free cash back offers while purchasing the products in Amazon through credit/debit card. Besides, you could earn Amazon’s free gift cards when you trade the electronics items or through Swagbucks.

Use price alerts sites/price checker browser add-on

It would be more annoying to check the best deals on daily basis. So, you may make use of the price alerts sites like onlinepricealert.com to get the price drop details through mail. Just you need to enter the link of the Amazon item, email id and target price in the alert sites. Also, you can try the browser extensions like Invisiblehand or camelcamelcamel to grab the better deals of Amazon.


Online shopping is the more convenient and economical way to buy your preferred items. Online retail sales has been steadily growing and Amazon has dived into the retail space in India to help the customers make better buying decisions. You could adore the features of Amazon like easy navigation, customizable history, search inside option, recommended items based on your prior activity and related items display. Some coupon websites have exclusive offers from top brands & great discounts on every item and you may make use of those authentic coupon websites while shop in Amazon to save money. I hope that the above discussed tips would help you to buy products in Amazon with low price, do share your thoughts through comments.

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