What is Email Marketing and What are the best Strategies?


Email Marketing has become the backbone of online businesses. Email Marketing is an act of sending emails that describe about products or offerings of a business to a group of people to get their attention. When some products are launched, or some sales are going on, companies do run email campaign in which they send emails to their potential clients and customers to let them know about those products or offers. So that if they are interested, they can buy the product.

Email Marketing is excellent, but you must learn to do it in a much better way to get the benefits because every other company is doing the same. You have to be unique and do something that helps to grab your customers’ attention via those emails.

The success of an email campaign can be measured either by looking at the open rate or click-through rates depending upon the campaign type.

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best Email Marketing Strategies. Let’s talk about those.

  1. Personalize Your Emails

When you send emails to a number of people at once, you generally write “Dear reader” or “Dear customer” so that every person gets it like the email is sent to them only but if you use the customer data that you get when they signup, you can personalize it in a great way by using names of every customer. You don’t need to send the emails manually one by one to each, but email marketing software gives option which allows you use this way where the email goes like “Dear <customer name>” for example, “Dear Steve”. This way, every email looks unique and personalized to your customer as they see their name. It is surveyed that personalization of emails increases the revenue generated by it to six times. I am talking about email body personalization but if you want, you can also personalize the email subject as well. You must have got such kind of emails in which your name appears in the subject line. This increases the email open rate to a big extent.

  1. Automation

Automation is important because you cannot be sitting all the time and sending emails when there is a signup or a purchase happens. You can use a good email marketing software program that offers such things. For example, SendPulse has email marketing automation feature that sends emails to the customers who have added products to the cart but not completed the purchase, sends a “thank you” email once the purchase is complete, etc. There are a lot of things this automation feature of SendPulse could do. Many other email marketing tools also have features like this, but they all have designed things differently. We have used SendPulse so we can assure that this feature of them is great, and in fact, it is a great email marketing software.

If you do it, your email open rate increases a lot because there are times your subscribers are more likely to open your email rather than the times when they are not even checking the emails, and then later on your email is lost in the crowd of more important emails. That is why you must automate things so that everything gets calculated and you know the perfect timing to send emails.

  1. Send Responsive Emails

Nowadays, people use their email accounts on various devices that are different in size and resolution. So, if you send them an email that opens well on the desktop but bad on mobile or tablet, you will be in loss because those who open it using smaller devices won’t see it properly. Hence they will close or delete the email without checking it out. Therefore, send responsive emails so that it opens well and readable on any device size and resolution.

  1. Give Something Free

Who doesn’t love free stuff? When you think of getting most of your email campaign, try offering something free to attract more users to your business. This is an old formula but still valid and works the best.


Email Marketing is one of the oldest ways of promoting a product based business primarily. However, any type of business can be promoted through it. Even though it is the oldest, it still gives the benefit. The things matter are the relevant subscribers, well-written emails and above mentioned things.

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