Employment Law: How SMEs Can Stay Out Of Trouble


Small businesses have a lot of their plate, and now there is even more thanks to employment law. As a business, regardless of your size, you have to look after your employees. If you don’t, they can sue and cost you millions which doesn’t look good to clients. Obviously, you can’t afford that because you are only a small company. With that in mind, you have to stay out of trouble with the law. Although it isn’t easy, it is possible if you follow the right guidelines. Here they are for your benefit.

Follow The Legal Rules And Regulations

The first step for any business is to make sure they don’t breach the laws of the land. Employees have a variety of rights when it comes to their job, and you must respect that if you want to stay out of trouble. For example, you can’t force workers to work over their allotted hours. Any employer that does will get found guilty in a court of law. They might be willing to do the work as a favour, but that is their choice. Businesses that make it their choice put themselves in a lot of danger.

Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power, at least that what’s Francis Bacon once said. True or false, it is true that a good education goes a long way. As far as employment law goes, a good education can keep you out of trouble. If you visit Peninsula for Employment law seminars, for example, you can learn more about right and wrong. This new knowledge will serve you well when you go back to the office. Alternatively, you can talk to experts that understand the industry. Employment lawyers and industry peers will be able to give you a better insight. A mixture of all three of these methods is a good way to learn more about the subject.

Pay Employees For Everything

The term everything means everything that relates to their job that isn’t covered by the wage. It isn’t unusual for a business to hire employees that are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. For one thing, they might be good people. And, for another, they might want to impress their boss and get a promotion. Regardless, you can’t accept their favours without recompensing them with some an incentive. To stay well clear of trouble, you should pay them for their time. Then, no one can accuse you of using your position to take advantage.


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Liaise With Trade Unions

Trade unions are there for one purpose: to look after their members. You are making a mistake if you see them as a hindrance. Yes, they will get in the way, but they are only doing their job. Instead, view them as a friend. Businesses and unions that work together are rare, but it is an amazing opportunity for both parties. Before you make a decision, run it by a union official first. Don’t always take them at their word, but do give it consideration.

Businesses and employees are never far from trouble. Thanks to these tips, trouble should appear less and less in the future.

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