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Facebook Tricks 2014-Facebook has too much popular among  everyone and it make us crazy and so addictive,Personally i like it a lot.We are back again with some awesome Facebook Tricks So keep in touch with us if you wanna get some great Facebook Tricks of the current year 2014.

Facebook is an amazing thing developed by Mr. Markzukerberg really outstanding achievement.Facebook is a media that allow its users  to stay in touch with  their friends and relatives not your surrounding but over worldwide.Here we can share our mind thoughts and we can chat anytime and can share videos and text too.

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facebook tricks

Facebook Tricks 2014

Now it allow us to make some great facebook tricks and pranks So in this article we are gonna show  you amazing facebook tricks So just keep watching. If you want to amazed your friends and wanna make more fun and enjoy then you should experience these tricks and pranks.In this post we are gonna show you top 10 most popular facebook tricks and pranks So here we go..

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 Great Facebook Tricks :

1.)Send SMS For Free

For doing this tricks user need to follow simple steps in this you can send free of cost SMS.To do so you need to do :Go on Facebook chat application after that user will see a screen like shown below : “Enter your Message Here”  and send it,but user can send our SMS in one day only

2.)Share Animated GIF images

animated dancing gif mario User can share existed image on facebook  and you can get number of animated gif images from this page:  https://www.facebook.com/Animation2share

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3.)Watch Live Streaming TV on Facebook

A  Facebook application that allow its users to watch live TV on Facebook and this app is freely available  and you can watch  international channel here and here is link used by this app http://apps.facebook.com/tvdream-app/  

4.)Connect to Multiple Facebook Accounts:

On Facebook, You may notice that user can not enter more than one account But f you have Google Chrome  then thereon a buit- in facility that allow user to make new profile on it .

  • On top right side in Google chrome,Click on Navicon  and go to Setting option.
  • To add new User  Click on USERS.
  • Now select Picture of your Profile & give name to that.
  • A new window will get open when you click on Create.
  • Now one can login to Facebook account  and now you ca switch between users that are on top right side


5.)Download Facebook Photo Album

Now user can download photo album in single click but first user need to login facebook account  then you can download your friends picture and save them on your system. This process is done by a app as shown: Facebook2zip.com 

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6.)Remove Facebook Ads

Now user can clean Facebook advertisement by using  Facebook Cleaner  this allow you to remove unwanted Facebook ads.

7.)Know Who Un Friend You

To get know that who is unfriend with you you just need to  get an app called Unfriend Alert .After get it downloaded it will appear on your Facebook account and then you can get notification about who is friend and who is Un friend to you .

8.)Update Blank Status

In the list of Facebook Tricks this one is also very good because facebook users can update blank status by entering @[3:3:]  in status box field .

9.)Trick to Accept all friend request at once

If you have lots of friends requests awaiting then you can accept that at once by using Javascript code: shown below :

  • On your Friend request page,first ensure that  all request loaded scroll down until end and then copy  and paste it on address bar of your friend  request page and code is given below  as:

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);

  • Now make ensure and manually add  javascript:in the front of code.
  • Because when you pasted it on address bar it will get removed by some browsers ,now hit enter to watch what happened .

 10)Post Status to all Groups at One

To post status to all groups at once in time user need  Multi Post App after that you need to login your Facebook profile  then user can post status to all group at once .

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So my friends these were the most amazing and mind blowing Facebook tricks by which you an make more fun with your friends and enjoy it .But again not forget that you have to share your thoughts with us because this is the most vital part between you and us So keep in contact.


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