Few Common Tricks of Web Hosting Companies Revealed


Many companies in the market provide the services they promise, but not all companies do that. Some actually use tricks to attract more customers. Hostiserver.com provides you with reliable and trustworthy web hosting services.

Here are some common tricks of web hosting companies.

  • Extra Fees

Most of the times, some companies offer their users additional services for extra fees, at the sign-up stage. This is quite normal because many people do need some of those features. What is not normal, however, is that some web hosts have it pre-ticked for you. Be careful whenever you are going through the sign-up process.

  • Renewal Prices

When you are choosing a web host, you are offered some services for free, but after a certain time period, you are required to pay for those same services to renew them. For example, many web hosting companies offer a free domain name just for the first year. Sometimes, these companies offer you services with some discount for the first year, and after that, you have to pay more money for those services.

  • Traffic Speed

A lot of web hosts claim to provide unlimited bandwidth when that is not the case. What these web hosts do, is that they provide ‘limited unlimited bandwidth’ which you will not notice if you have just started your website. But as the time passes and your website grows, you will start to notice this difference. Some web hosts give great website speed but with set capacity limits, while other companies will provide no limits for traffic speed and capacity, but only a certain number of users will be able to visit your website monthly. Make sure you consider these aspects in your user agreement.

  • Clients per Server

When you purchase a shared package, sometimes you only get a part of a server, and so if you get bad neighborhood, your website will get blocked. Some service providers tell you that they have a limited number of users on a single server but in reality, most of the web host companies do not meet those standards.

  • Uptime Percentage

Uptime is the time your website stays online for. A lot of the web hosts promise great uptime but do not fulfill it.  Most web hosts will provide you with a certain uptime guarantee. While some do fulfill their promises, most do not. There will also be some websites that offer independent uptime measurements. However, you should not take their data seriously. To get the measurements, these web hosts count the uptime of home pages of web hosts and actually use their best servers for web hosting their own company websites.

After reading this, hopefully, you now you know of the many tricks of the web host companies. What you can do is, that you can now be more cautious while choosing a web host and pay more attention during the sign-up process. However, despite all of this, there are many companies that are reliable and some research and a close examination of user agreement can help you figure it out which ones they are.

About the Author:

Barbara Morgan is a how-to’s technology writer for more than a decade, hardware tester, Linux power user based in New Hampshire. She regularly posts her how-to articles at the managed hosting Europe provider – Hostiserver.com


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