French language as career choice


France is the only country who was less affected from economic crisis of 2008 all due to its strong financial health and economic diversity. France is the world leader when it comes to doing business because of its business relations with almost every country of the world. The country is investing more capital in foreign business and wants local countries to partner. But the language barrier makes foreign countries reluctant and so do the dread of translators.


French is among one of the most spoken language in the world, also one of the fastest-growing languages throughout the entire world. This is the reason schools are teaching French as the part of their curriculum to make their students stands apart in the competitive world. Another reason for learning French is because many businesses are becoming bilingual and hegemony of English language is shattering. In order to keep up with the global economy and because of the competition that some of the other countries are putting into the business world, many countries are forced to speak more than one language. So if you can speak two languages professionally than your job prospects can be higher as compare to your opponents.

Knowledge of French for kids is also important because French is language spoken by 130 million people around the world. The language is the native tongue in countries like France, Switzerland, Haiti, and parts of Canada and America. Organizations like International Olympic Committee and the United Nations have French language as their official language. So even as translator, guide, a business tycoon or an official at international organization all need knowledge of French language.

But it’s not just about padding your resume. With globalization in full swing there is a good chance you will be working with people those whose first language isn’t English. Maybe its development team in India or a manufacturing plant in china, or an alternative energy supplier in Germany; being able to communicate other language make you valuable to an employer. Second language learning is very important and if language is French than brightness will follow you.

Another important value of learning French is that if you are working in hospitality sector then it is imperative for people in hotel industry to master this language. France excels culinary and those who are taking culinary classes would always recommend learning this language because French terms in culinary are very common. So whether you want to expand your business, want to be a translator or considering migrating to French-speaking nation or even want to make you career as chef it is pertinent to learn French.

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