Fun apps for Xperia Z


Most Entertaining Applications for the Pocket Dynamo- Xperia Z


Magnificence is seldom restricted to size and Xperia Z is a sizeable enough proof. This being boasted as Sony’s finest device till date, has lived up to the hype and expectations. Loaded with a 5-Inch display and HD 1080p resolution, this device supports gaming apps like no other. The well stacked Google Play store doesn’t have a single application which is not compatible with this pocket giant as the feature sets are exquisite and extremely resourceful. Some of the best suited applications which do reveal the true worth and potential of the device are as follows:

1. Skype

This device comes with a secondary camera of 2MP resolution and this makes video calling possible. Let the other person see your expressive self with this exceptional application which only requires high speed internet and a good camera quality. This device unifies the global faces and being a cross platform application, one can easily socialize with the users working on a completely different operating system.

2. ScreenRotate

The newest model renders added support and functionality to the users by including Small apps into the mix. These are mostly the built-in gadgets which would allow the developers to experiment with the device. Floating tools are best suited for a specific task and this one locks the rotating display whenever you would prefer an oriented approach.

3. TVCatchup

Watching live TV on the mobile using high speed internet is now possible with this innovative application. This app encodes the terrestrial signals into the live mobile feed for the users to enjoy.

4. Super hexagon

Here comes a game which is mesmerizing and in harmony with the astounding graphics of the Xperia Z. A strategy oriented game where the arrow needs to spin across the gaps without hitting the walls. The speed is exceedingly high and the surreal concept completely tests the performance of the device.

5. Carbon

This is one of the newest Twitter apps which are drastically different than the bland version of the same. It sports an innovative yet complex interface which is at home with the slick Xperia Z. Sliding tabs and panels render the look of magnificence whereas the power scroll is a desirable technological addition. Let the Hashtags take care of themselves as direct threads and messages are supported.

6. Endomodo Pro

Meant for the fitness freaks, this application makes use of the water resistant feature of the device and the GPS connectivity. Detailed breakdown of the cardio pace and direction can be availed whereas workout suggestions also come in handy. Elevation levels can be well seen whereas the mapping breakdown is fat better with the paid version.

7. Vine

This application makes the full use of the brilliant Xperia Z camera and allows the user to send and share videos with required animations.

8. Gravity guy

This is the best time killer available and includes multi-player modes and glorious graphics which would set in perfectly with the amazing HD graphics.

Do add the applications mentioned above for extracting the best performance out of your device and that too in a playful manner.

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