Getresponse Vs PageWiz


Landing pages are very important if you are focusing on email marketing or simply want to sell something to your readers, subscribers. Through landing pages, you collect leads, turn visitors into prospects and then sell these prospects with pitching something that you have previously decided for them.

If you are confused as to which landing page builder you want to choose as your landing page builder, I have compared two popular contenders in the market of landing pages.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a very popular and one of market leaders in landing page builders. It has many features that make it so popular.

2. PageWiz

PageWiz is another landing page builder that is built keeping professional marketers, business, and affiliates in mind. They make some of the best landing pages that convert really well.

GetResponse Or PageWiz, Which Has The Best Landing Page Creator?

We will compare the two in the following parameters

  • Design and built-in templates:
  • Third-party tool integration
  • Responsiveness
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Pricing and usability.

Design and Templates

1. GetResponse 

GetResponse has some of the best-designed landing page templates that are committed to conversions. GetResponse has over 500 professionally designed email templates and a drag and drop page builder to convert your strategies into funneling a lead template.


2. Page Wiz

Pagewiz is a simpler alternative to landing page creation, but simple does not always mean good. The quality and features of landing page builders are below the standard ones that we get with GetResponse or other landing page builders.


It is also lacking the free stock photo option that GetResponse has.

Third-Party Tools

1. GetResponse

GetResponse has been one of the few landing page builders around that support almost every web service integrations to power up your email marketing campaign. It has integrations with analytics to help you in tracking and goal setting.

It also has social media integrations so that you can take your campaigns at a social media level.


2. PageWiz

PageWiz has good integrations to power up your campaign at SEO level. You can add analytics, Google search console, and even SEO plugins to add custom robots text and Meta tags.

However, on other integrations, it is far behind the number of supported apps by GetResponse. Anyone who chooses this under featured product might sure be a fan of minimalism.


1. GetResponse

The landing page created with GetResponse are 100% mobile responsive and are optimized to convert your leads into any platform. You may check its perfect responsiveness in the below image!


2. PageWiz

Even PageWiz has mobile responsive landing pages, and they support custom domains that are generated for each landing page created. These URLs can be customized to make beautiful for any platform usage.

Analytics & Tracking

If you have been doing email marketing or simply lead generation campaigns, you are sure to know the importance of analytics and tracking. If you cannot measure anything that does not exist and it is true for online marketing campaigns. Let us see which of the two stand strong in our test.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse has awesome analytics dashboard. It integrates with Google Analytics to make sure you track your visitors’ demographics, know more about them and further customize your landing pages to convert them better.

GetResponse also supports split testing of up to five campaigns so that you can track the best out of them.

2. PageWiz

PageWiz also offers you extensive landing page analytics. It optimizes your landing pages by integrating with Google Analytics and even Google search console.

PageWiz also offers conversion pixels that fire up at a page of your choice when the lead performs an action. Suppose your conversion pixel is installed at a thank you page, you would get it fired when a customer buys something. This is very good method to track and trace leads.

Pricing & Usability

On the pricing front, GetResponse is free for 15 days and costs 15$ per month after that. This is fine and affordable for most beginners. If you are a bigger enterprise, you can contact them for custom quotes.

Pricing GetResponse

PageWiz is a bit milder in terms of free usage. It offers up to 30 days of free trial and after that costs 29 USD at the minimum. This is what breaks the deal.



GetResponse has everything that PageWiz has and still is affordable on the pricing front. It has more integrations and better options for building a landing page with its prebuilt templates and custom landing page builder.

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