Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities


As per studies carried out by researchers, engaging students in learning activities helps them in increasing their attention, involvement, and concentration towards learning. Students get distracted very easily, so we need to pay more attention and extra effort in engaging them in learning. There are many activities which can motivate students to be attentive and participate in all class activities.

How to engage students in Learning Activities?

  1. Along with teaching tell them the importance of reading and writing.
  2. Read and explain about the topic. Start with the story books or cartoon books and practice by telling stories from their own story books.
  3. If the kid gets bored of learning then just talk about the pictures and drawings in the book. Always try to encourage kids to learn rather than watching TV.
  4. Sit and discuss what your kid is reading, make them imagine the stories through which they will increase their concentration and try to learn more.
  5. Always try to understand what exactly the kids prefer to learn. Encourage your kid to participate in all school cultural activities.
  6. Allow kids to play and mingle with the neighbours and colony students, where they can share their thoughts and learn more in their group by discussions.
  7. Gift them some good general knowledge books, Math worksheets, and other quiz books. Encourage kids to discover the answers on their own.
  8. Don’t allow them to play or to watch movies until they have finished with their daily activities.
  9. Take kids to the museum and brief them about inventions, scientists, about planets and space objects.
  10. Children always follows what their elders do, so engage yourself in reading newspaper, books, magazines and watching some interesting shows in front of your kid to improve their ability and interest to learn new things.
  11. Help your kids by providing them with good learning system which enables them with better understanding.
  12. Be informed about your kids by regular attending parents and teachers meeting.

The best way to improving learning activities in kids is by giving the advantages on learning, the importance of education, benefits of learning and etc. Encouraging them in their projects, assignment increases their concentration towards their work.

The multi-modal learning has become a success in all educational institutes from lower classes to higher classes, with improved in the technologies. Multi-modal learning means, the more different ways to learn something. It is used to learn something in a new way to understand and remember it very easily. This type of learning is usually for the children who are poor in listening, remembering, reading and understanding the topics and to score more in their exams. This multi-modal includes both the audio and video presentations. Most of the audio includes the poems, rhymes, and seminars, lectures where students can easily understand and are easy to remember. By the video method of learning, Students will be able to understand science easily

through different diagrams in Biology, framing equations in chemistry, plotting graphs, measuring and menstruations in maths and mapping in geography and topography.

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