HideIPVPN — An ultra-simple solution to enable VPN-based connections


Have you ever thought of using a Virtual Private Network Tunneling solution, and thus keeping your internet identity under an untraceable veil? If you have and searched for some of the superb VPN solutions out there, you might have seen the name HideIPVPN here and there. As you guess, HideIPVPN is a simple VPN Tunneling solution that is a quite useful way for non-techy users to encrypt their internet traffic and thus keep their activities from the surveillances of different authorities around you. Nevertheless, despite all these popularity, we understand the common tendency to be dubious about effectiveness of HideIPVPN; that is why we decided to come up with an in-detail review of the tool so that you will have least number of doubts when it comes to choosing. So, shall we start?


What is HideIPVPN?

Given that you might not be that ‘technical’, HideIPVPN can be identified as a powerful method to keep your identity in internet safe, by encrypting your internet traffic. When your device has been connected to a VPN server, your ISP and other surveillance agencies will see your internet traffic as a straight line of inexplicable and untraceable info, regardless the website / service that you access. The same is applicable when you exchange confidential information with servers, say internet banking details or card details. Yet, it has to be noted that, what is mentioned here is purely basic and HideIPVPN offers a lot more in terms of productivity. Now, we shall have a look on different aspects of this easy to use service along with our experience with HideIPVPN client for Windows PC that we had our hands on.

What it Offers

HideIPVPN understands that different VPN protocols are optimum for different people as they do have different sort of requirement. For instance, when someone is looking for a deeper level of encryption and security, another will be giving first priority to enhanced speed while downloading. Due to this factor, HideIPVPN offers different protocols to access internet through the service, and notable ones include:

  • P2P Protocol is the best when you want to download torrent files without revealing your identity yet in good level of speed. However, P2P protocol is available is some web servers of HideIPVPN only.
  • OpenVPN might give you a bit slow connection but ensures the power of encryption


Obviously, you might have one or another of these requirements and so you can choose the best according to your own wish. At the same time, it has to be noted that HideIPVPN offers a wide range of support, including a number of popular devices and platforms. You can have dedicated VPN connection clients for both Macintosh and Windows for establishing the connection instantaneously whereas you can find manual set-up tutorials for rest of platforms, such as Linux computers, iPhone & iPods, iPad, routers, Android Smartphones and tablet PCs etc, along with tutorials that will help you to set up proxy in your favourite web browsers and devices. Altogether, we can say that HideIPVPN can be quite productive in the long run.

Our Experience with HideIPVPN for Windows

As we had, we had put our hands on HideIPVPN for Windows, and we were quite impressed, we should say. In terms of user interface, HideIPVPN for Windows is just awesome, as it lets you establish connection between PC and server in a few seconds, even when you have no previous experience with VPN solutions. It is an easy task to connect your PC to VPN servers of HideIPVPN by means of the simplistic user interface. In order to connect, you will have to select the desired protocol, desired location and the server you want. In seconds, your device will be connected to internet and you can start anonymous surfing experience from the very next second — doesn’t it sound awesome? We hope so!

Other Features We Loved

  • Smart DNS is a standalone feature that can accompany HideIPVPN if you purchase certain plans. Using this, it is possible for you to fake your identity to be from UK or US and access blocked websites, such as Hulu.
  • Regardless the plan, HideIPVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, meaning that you do not have to be tensed about crossing bandwidth limits.
  • HideIPVPN has a money back guarantee of thirty days, which is indeed great.


Our Verdict

In our opinion, HideIPVPN is something superb, as far as you are concerned about simplicity of method. By the way, what do you think about the tool? We are eager to know.

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