Why Hispanics are the perfect target market for mobile phones?


Its official: Hispanics are one of the leading communities when it comes to advertising markets, trends, habits and spending powers. This is of course, according to a recent study conducted by Vdopia Inc. that found that as many as 60% of Hispanics have been found to show “tremendous growth” in the market when it comes to population and spending in the mobile device and online markets.


This increase in expenditure and population within the market is coupled by the news that Univision – the ever-popular Hispanic Television programmer – has joined the virtual wireless provider market, in order to offer additional wireless options to the undoubtedly booming Hispanic market. The partnership is with T-Mobile and began operation on May 19 – specifically for the 58 million Hispanic consumers currently in the US. Apps and TV content will be available for users, with as many as 72% of the Hispanic demographic said to have a mobile or smart phone device, which is coupled with the fact that almost half – 49% to be precise – of those very same people plan to either replace or upgrade an existing phone, as per a report by Nielson.

Speaking of  T-Mobile, they are currently offering a staggering price of $636 for a HTC One M8, which only hit the market in late March 2014. The price is considered to be even more value given that prospective buyers can take advantage of a monthly plan, in the form of 24 monthly instalments of $26.50. The price isn’t the only good thing either, as it turns out that the phone is actually a relatively safe purchase for members of the Hispanic market, given their market traits.

According to Experian, 45% of Hispanics use their mobile phones more than their desktops and computers to go online, which is a staggering 7% higher than non-Hispanics, who reported just 38%. This means that Hispanics will likely love the features on the M8, which allows 4g data speeds and purchasing with T-Mobile even allows you access to their nationwide 4G LTE network, which only enhances the coverage. If you phone has a good connection speed, you can also use the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot Ready feature to share the connection with other devices to help friends, family or even yourself if you are operating on two devices at once.

The browsing rates are once again highlighted by the fact that 85% of Hispanics claimed to have bought an item online over the past six months from when the study was taken and although the African American market scored slightly better with 88%, the 24% population increase forecast by the year of 2025 by the U.S Census Bureau compared the 10% increase for African Americans means that the Hispanic market is the perfect one to invest in when it comes to both mobile advertising and mobile features and accessories and with the HTC One M8, it looks like there could be a holy trinity forming around us.

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