Host1Plus Windows VPS Hosting Review


In the current scenario, every business man is looking to have an online presence to extend his current business or start an online business altogether. The demand for the online business and start-ups are increasing day by day which in turn is encouraging the web hosting companies to bring many innovative hosting plans. There are certain plans that suit for particular business or entity and based on that Web hosting has been further divided into below categories:

Shared Hosting

  • Linux web hosting
  • Windows Web Hosting

VPS Hosting

  • Linux VPS Hosting
  • Windows VPS hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

Reseller Hosting

As the subject is very vast and for this article, we are only limited to Windows VPS Hosting, I would like to introduce and review about the Host1Plus Windows VPS hosting.

A brief introduction about Windows VPS hosting

As quoted above, every hosting has two Operating systems to choose from i.e. Linux and Windows. Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the Windows-based VPS where you can easily host websites that are written in ASP (Active Server Pages). If the user likes to have a dynamic website, then they need to utilize ASP or else the advanced as their programming language. Also, Windows VPS hosting permits in the integration of all the Microsoft licensed products and services.

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Host1Plus Windows VPS hosting features

Now you will be thinking why Host1plus Windows VPS hosting is? Why not any other hosting that provides Windows VPS hosting. Host1plus is one of the hosting providers that offer cheap windows VPS hosting when compared to its competitors. Normally Windows VPS hosting is a bit costlier than Linux VPS hosting and getting it a bit cheaper will always give you an advantage and benefit in long term plans.

Host1plus Windows VPS servers operate on KVM Hyper-V which provides true virtualisation and ultimate isolation.

Important Features of Host1plus Windows VPS

All the plans of Host1plus Windows VPS come with – Intel Xeon E5 v3 Processors, DDR4 error-correcting-code RAM, one free backup. Apart from that the following configurations and features:

Powerful API

Host1plus provides you a powerful API where you can manage services and resources in a simple and systematic way using HTPP requests. You can script complex actions that require according to your situation, through the Client Area Panel.

KVM virtualization technology

All Host1plus VPS plans come with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology.

10G network
The Host1plus Windows VPS cloud servers have built-in fiber optic ports which can be used for network troubleshooting and performance testing.

IPv6 support

Through your Client Area, you can enable IP6 during server creation or on the existing virtual machine, without having a reboot.

One free IPv4

By default, all Windows VPS hosting plans comes with one free IPV4.

Up to 32 IPv4 addresses

If you would like to have additional IPv4 addresses apart from the one free IPv4, you can add as many as 32 IPv4 addresses by paying $1 per IP4 address for your project. If you still need more than that limit, Host1plus allows you to raise a request through your client area panel.

Custom ISO

The custom ISO feature in Host1plus allows the user to mount a configured image on his/her cheap windows VPS & run through the boot and setup processes as the user would on a bare metal server.

Safe Environment

The Host1plus Cheap Windows VPS provides solid security, stability and best in performance because of true virtualization resulting in full VPS isolation without any extra costs.

Live Stats

The user can track his resource usage Live just by enabling the alerts to avoid excess usage of important resources like memory, CPU or Network.

DNS & rDNS control

Host1plus allows you to edit DNS records through your Client Area directly easily. The more the simplified the rDNS self-management meaning, the less time spent by you getting support which in turn allows more time to work on your projects.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard license

The Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard license costs you just $10/month per virtual machine which comes with all Windows Cloud Servers.

Other Benefits of Host1Plus Windows VPS Hosting

Work Load friendly

All plans allow the user to get all the allocated resources like RAM, CPU, Memory, Network without sharing them anyone else to guarantee maximum performance.


The user has complete flexibility when it comes to Upgrading and downgrading of any plan at any time. So he never pays for what he did not use.

Billing Cycle discounts

You get up to 20% discount on all the long term billing cycle orders.

Host1plus Windows VPS Hosting Plans and Prices

There are six different Windows VPS hosting plans that are offered by Host1plus hosting which is tailored based on different business types. All the plans are designed as such you get the most affordable pricing on each category and plan type.

The basic plan (WIN4) provides a user 2 Cores of CPU, $ GB of RAM, 100 GB of Disk Space and a 6 TB of Bandwidth which means it fulfills the need of a small business type. In this plan, the user gets four IPv4 address apart from the basic features. The highest plan (WIN32)which offers 32 IPv4 Address come with eight cores CPU, 32 GB of RAM, 1000 GB of Disk Space and 20 TB of Bandwidth which is sufficient for most of the business types.

If you can compare these prices and plan features with some of the reputed hosting providers that provide Windows VPS hosting, Host1plus Windows VPS is cheaper and affordable.

Customer Service Support

Host1plus provides best in class customer support in the hosting industry. It has different types of customer care packages for premium services at nominal fees/cost.

Final Verdict

The web hosting plans of Host1plus Web hosting are designed with effective features at affordable prices. I have researched few of the Windows VPS hosting plans from some of the renowned hosting providers and in my opinion Host1plus is offering its services at a cheaper price when compared to its peers.

We would like to know your experience with Hos1plus hosting, or if you are new to hosting and looking for further queries on Host1plus Windows VPS, please drop a comment below.

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