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Hostinger is a leading web hosting company that got off the ground in 2004 and hasn’t looked back ever since.

And, if you’re reading this review – chances are you’re contemplating investing in the company’s web hosting services.

This review is an attempt at helping people better judge just how worthy the company hosting services are.

The review below is based on personal experience, information curated from the internet, and the reviews left by other users.

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Types of Services

The company essentially offers 4 main services:

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Domain registration
  • SSL certificates


Sharing web hosting is designed for users who’re not big on investing too much on the hosting aspect. However, shared web hosting often comes with limitations such as low performance. To combat that, the company has invested in high-quality resources and cloud infrastructure. The servers are powered by SSD Drivers which is an improvement over HDD for reduced chances of data loss/damage. So, no compromises have been made in terms of performance for shared web hosting which is clearly a plus!

Coming to VPS hosting, the company offers a variety of packages for people with different needs. But, the fact that only 1 IPv4 address is offered might make some people hesitant to try out. However, based on my personal experience, I did not experience any trouble with the Hostinger’s VPS hosting service.

Next in line is Domain Registration Service. It’s good to know that the company is part of ICANN Accreditation List.

Valued Added Services

It’s worth noting that the company provides a host of value-added services without charging anything for them.

Some of those services are –

  • Reviews & Tutorials

Hostinger offers a massive 500 tutorials about server management, website development, CMS installation, etc. All these tutorials and guides are available free of cost. Even if a user doesn’t have an account with the company, he/she can still access them.

  • Affiliate Program

Almost everyone is leveraging the power of Affiliate Marketing, and Hostinger is part of that bandwagon as well. The affiliate program by Hostinger is based on banners. The best thing about partaking in their affiliate marketing program is that the users get 100% commission for every hosting plan purchased.


This is one point where I would like to put a lot of emphases. Hostinger is a company that offers almost all services and features as the leading names in the industry such as HostGator and BlueHost. But, when compared to them in terms of pricing, the difference is huge.

Hostinger is the provider of cheapest and the most affordable hosting services out there right now.

The single web hosting plan starts as low as $2.15/mo compared to BlueHost, SiteGround or HostGator whose basic plan starts at $3.95/mo. The plan includes 10 GB of storage space and a 100 GB bandwidth allowance which is more than enough for hosting a single website with lots with images, videos, and audios.

The premium web hosting by Hostinger is priced at $3.49 while it’s while BlueHost and HostGator equivalent (Plus and Baby plan respectively) are priced at $5.95. If you look at the features provided by these middle ground plans, the difference is minscule. Therefore, in terms of Pricing and affordability, Hostinger is a clear winner.


Let’s talk about performance now. Performance is paramount considering this is what will govern the ease of accessibility.

Again, this evaluation comes from my personal experience as well as the information available on the internet coupled with reviews.

The overall performance and Host’s speed for a simple HTML was noted to be 390 ms (from a location in Bangalore) and lowest being 69 ms (US-based location).  The slight difference (less than a second) comes from the difference of the server location. These results were captured using Bitcatcha.

For websites built using website builder, the loading speed in Bangalore was recorded 474 ms, and in the US it was 69 ms. Again, the difference was minuscule.

Quality of Customer Support


This is one aspect where Hostinger lacks. It does not offer phone support which might be a bummer for those who prefer connecting via phone. However, the customer representatives can be reached via email as well as through chat support.

I have tried the chat support by Hostinger and found no room for complaints. I was put in a queue but only for a minute or two.

The quality of response was professional. Also, I feel that phone support may not always be the ideal way of finding answers to the queries especially when you need to spell out a complex code or a domain name. What the company lacks in phone support, more than makes-up for it with the chat support.

Hostinger customer support is available round the clock 24/7.


I know from personal experience that the least favorite thing about running and managing a website is maintaining the hosting account. A complicated interface and undecipherable control panel make it hard to discern which features to accomplish which tasks.

Hostinger is relatively better when it comes to accessibility.

The website builder tool is designed with easy to embed options. Anyone with little or basic coding knowledge can play around with it without feeling lost.

Same goes with cPanel. It puts all the features in one place with an intuitive interface and easily accessible package.


Hostinger has done a fairly good job in terms of resources deployed to provide hosting services. The company uses cloud infrastructure powered by SSD drives. No moving parts in the drive imply no loss of data. What’s more, all the plans starting from basic to business come with Anti-malware protection and Anti-DDoS protection.

Hostinger uses Anti-theft security system (BitNinja) and SpamAssassin as the email anti-spam tool.

Final thoughts

The only thing that might be a deal breaker for most people is the lack of phone support and lack of plans for dedicated servers.

But, if these things don’t concern you, I would recommend checking out Hostinger. Besides, there’s the 30-day risk-free trial, so what’s there to lose!

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