How To Download Videos From Facebook Online Easily


Hi Friends,Today i’m gonna show you how to download videos from Facebook.Facebook is #1 Social Media on the web. No doubt we all Spend Time on Facebook. It is kind of addictive. Facebook shows its user News feed, Where all the latest activities from friends and from pages that you have liked are Displayed. Facebook also provides you with two options

1) Top Stories

2)Recent stories

Where you can choose and decide what you wish to See.

How To Download Videos From Facebook

You might come accross amazing pictures and status updates in your News feed. Many a times Videos too. Facebook Do not have an option to Download These Videos, What if you watched a video and want to download and save it on your PC or mobile? This is an obvious question Many people ask. So today we will be Sharing a facebook tricks by which you will be able to download your favourite Video. One of my Friend is Sharing some Cool Facebook Tricks that you might want to check.

how to download videos from facebook

How to Download Videos from Facebook 

Follow the Below Simple Steps on how to download videos from facebook

Step 1: let us assume that you have already watched a video on facebook and you would like to save it on your PC or mobile. The first step you will do is Copy the link of the video, you can do so by Clicking on the video and copying the link from the address bar of your Browser.

Step 2: Once you have the link of your Video, just head over to , Now Paste the link where it says Enter the Video link and Click on Download.

Step 3: In just a couple of Seconds you will be shown the name of the Video and under is displayed a Button which says Download this Video (Right Click and SAVE AS)

Step 4: Now you just need to do what it says, that is Right click on that button and select save link as…

Step 5: After Completing the 4th step, Your Video will start Downloading, Now you just have to navigate to your default download folder to find your video and watch it as many times you want.

You may also Try which is similar as to Download any Streaming video on your PC. Isn’t it Easy? yes it is. Now that you know how to download facebook videos you can Start Downloading your Favourite Videos from facebook which you wanted to. If you have any trouble then feel free to Comment below.

If you prefer an easier and quicker way to download Facebook videos to iPhone and iPad, you may take a look at how to save Facebook videos to iPhone. We will give you three solutions to save videos from Facebook to iPad or iPhone step by step.

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