How to improve communication skills?


Communication is the most important aspect of life. A person needs to communicate for almost each and everything. Lack of good communication skills can affect your life in many possible ways. Good communication skills are needed in every sphere of life. It is said that a person is measured by the level of his/her communication skills rather than his/her academic performance. Be it a job interview or a meeting, be it for expressing your idea or for impressing a girl, good communication skills are must in life.

improve communication skills

The common myth about communication skill is that it cannot be improved and if it does, it takes a lot of time. However, the reality is that communication skills can easily be improved in a short span of time. Here are few simple ways which can help you a lot in improving your communication skills.

  • Read and watch as much as you can

The best and the oldest way to improve communication skills is to read and watch as much as you can. Try to read novels, magazines and newspaper. Watch movies and news. Listen to songs in the very same language in which you wish to improve your communication skills. This will increase your vocabulary and will give you an idea about how to use the words, according to the situation.

  • Be brief

The common problem with people who struggle while talking is that they try to frame a long sentence. The key to good communication skills is that you should frame short yet specific sentences. Shorter the sentence, less are the chances of mistake. Don’t try to make a story, come directly to the point and be as specific as you can.

  • Be confident and stay positive

There is a reason why it is said that confident people always excel in life. There is no shame in the fact that your communication skills are not good. Everyone faces this issue, what makes you different is how you handle this. Instead of avoiding the public appearance and talking, try to get involved. Stay positive and let people know that you are working on your communication skills. A positive mind will boost your chances of improving.

  • Take Help

If nothing is going well for you, take some professional help. You can join coaching for improving your communication skills. You will also learn some presentation skills in these type of coaching. You can take help of your friend, sister, brother or anyone who has good communication skills and who spend a fairly good time with you. Ask them to correct you whenever you make a mistake. You can also ask them to encourage (force) you to speak in English, or whatever language in which you need good communication skills.

  • Evaluate and reward yourself

This is the most important step. No one can evaluate you better than yourself. Evaluate yourself on the basis of how much you have learned. Try to find out the time duration of how much you can speak without getting struck at a point. Write down the number of new words you learn each day and the moments/situations which make you feel uncomfortable. Also, reward yourself for each and every progress you make.

  • Practice, practice and practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Practice speaking as much as you can. Remember, a practice can improve your communication skills at a very fast pace. One useful and the popular trick is to speak in front of the mirror. It does sound weird but, it is an effective way to improve communication skills.

Communication skills are a must have skills to survive in this competitive world. You can improve it and can excel in it. All you need to do is spend some time for it and soon you will become an expert in communication.

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