How to Improve Your Ranking


There are many guides on how to rank your website, but keep in mind that each strategy has its own unique effectiveness. All in all, Search Engine Optimization is like an explosion where you need to gather all pieces which are scattered. This may take time and requires a lot of effort, but when you consider the result and how it affects your conversion, it is indeed very fulfilling.

Keyword is King

You probably read this or heard this a lot when it comes to any digital marketing strategies, particularly in the SEO Industry. And yes, keywords or content will always be king in this kind of business. Keep in mind that the algorithms of search engines are limited. For example, you are going to include your German shepherd black puppy. Google cannot determine the image that you to upload unless you include a caption that says: black puppy, German shepherd, while an average person can simply determine what the image is from his or her brain.


Proper use of keywords is essential to optimize your site. Yet again, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to include the keywords repeatedly over and over again. Otherwise, Google will identify your keyword strategy as a red flag. In keywords, you need to be specific and that must be relevant according to your niche.

Google Your Business

You can take advantage of telling Google where your business is located. It does optimize your site quickly when Google includes you on its map. Don’t forget to use links that point the viewers back to your homepage or landing pages. This tactic is effective for businesses and startup enterprises.

Identify Your Viewers

When developing your own business site, it is important to determine your viewers or target audiences. For example, if you are selling toys, then the overall design of the site should connect with viewers including the children (and the parents as well) who are going to view the site.

Loading Time

When optimizing your PageRank, it does not mean that you have to impress your viewers by developing or creating sophisticated web designs. Keep in mind that not all viewers have the same connection speed. Remove the slides from your hero or header and keep the site simple as much as possible. From the content, include why the viewers would want your service or product and provide at least 3 sub points. In most cases, because of a long loading time, live viewers will be frustrated and will look for another site. This affects your bounce rate and your conversion rate as well.

Mobile Friendly

There are more than 60 percent of internet users who are not using their mobile devices instead of laptops or computers. The appearance from your computer screen is not the same when people will use their mobile devices. Therefore, you should make sure that the site is fully responsive from any kind of mobile device. You may also consider developing your own free app for your live audiences. This creates a connection from customers to the seller.


Of course, your SEO campaign should have backlinks – both external and internal links that point back to your main homepage. Keep in mind that the SEO game will not be based on the numbers of external links you provide that point back to you. The backlinks you must produce should produce leads and viewers that will be interested in your service or products online. You can eliminate the not so good links by determining them using and to understand digital advertising. The site will provide you an accurate analysis when it comes to the relativity of your backlinks.


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