How To Sell Yourself As An Entrepreneur


The worlds of business and dating aren’t as far apart as you might imagine. In both, you have to develop your personal skills and what you have to offer to the point where another person is willing to buy-in.

In the world of business, we use language like products, marketing, and sales. In the world of dating, we use language like cute, funny and friendly. But both boil down to the same fundamental principle.

What many people don’t realise is that the skills they learn in the dating world can be readily repurposed for the business community. But they should expect this, given how similar the two realms are. It’s all about finding out what other people really want and using that to your advantage.

sell yourself

In the business world, as in the dating world, there is fierce competition. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you stand out. Here are some great tips from the world of dating that apply to business.

Know Why You’re Valuable

One of the most attractive qualities in the dating world is a person who is at ease with themselves. It means that the person that they are seeing doesn’t have to manage their feelings.

Being frank and upfront in the business world has the same effect. After all, business people are still just people. Letting your true self shine is the very best way to humanize yourself and build trust.

Solve Problems

As we endlessly hear, relationships are built on compromise. But what exactly is compromise? Essentially, it boils down to your ability to negotiate with another person and to meet their needs.

The same is true in business. Often you’re not able to solve a problem straight away. But customers will value your effort in trying to find them a solution anyway. Let them know what you can and can’t do, and try to help them, even if that means directing them to somebody else’s product.

Dress Smart

In the world of dating, nothing advertises your availability more than the way that you dress. It’s a way of broadcasting the fact that you’re looking for a partner.

The same applies to businesses in the marketplace, except this time, they’re on the hunt for customers. Often, however, small businesses let themselves down by not presenting themselves professionally. There’s no excuse for this. Companies, like this company, custom design public fronts for your business. And it advertises your availability like nothing else.

Have A Great Personal Life

People aren’t just interested in your job, either in the dating or the business world. They want to know what cool stuff you get up to in your free time.

Having your own interesting hobbies and interests helps to build your own personal brand. But it also makes you far more engaging and interesting as a person.

That’s a useful trait to have in the business world. Businesspeople don’t just want to talk business with you all night. If they know that you’re a person with a larger repertoire, they’ll more naturally be attracted to you.

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