All You Need To Know About Hybrid Drive


Hybrid Drive is the storage device where you will find the presence of both HDD technology and SSD technology. This combination is put to use in order to take the advantage of SSDs speed and HDDs cost-effective ability of storage. If you dig deeper you will witness that SSDs perform as cache for all the stored data on the HDD. They keep a copy of all those data that are used most frequently by the users, thus enhancing the performance on a whole. You will find mainly two types of Hybrid storage devices

1. Dual Drive Hybrid Systems

2. Solid State Hybrid Drive


These two storage technologies are responsible for combining the NAND flash memory or SSD with the HDD technology.

Dual drive Hybrid Systems

Dual Drive Hybrid System is the one which combines the usage of two separate HDD devices and SSD devices that is installed in the same PC. You can either enhance the overall performance manually or you can put to use the computer OS software. If you are using the computer OS software for boosting the performance, then it will be made possible by the combination of HDD and SSD in a hybrid volume that is transparent to end users. This system is generally implemented in the laptop.

Solid State Hybrid drive

SSHD or the Solid State Hybrid Drive incorporates NAND Flash memory in a hard drive, thus forming a single but integrated device. This Hybrid drive is designed in a way to enhance the performance, including the boot data or the data which is often accessed by the users and much more. If you compare its performance with the HDD, then you will see that it performs better than them on any given day.

Advantages of hybrid hard drives

There are several advantages of using the hybrid hard drive. You can go through them below.

• They consume much less power

• Heat generation is also low

• You will enjoy extended life

• The operating noise is reduced to a great extent

• Data storage is completed rapidly and even the retrieval is much faster

• The boot up time of the system is brought down remarkably

• Battery life is extended in case of notebooks as well PDAs

Advantages of Solid State Hybrid Drive

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a PC or Laptop, the SSHD provides several advantages for its users and they are mentioned below

• They don’t require any special configuration or special software

• You don’t have to decide on the storage destination for all your programs and files

• It will try to figure out which applications are mostly used by the users and then it will store them in solid state storage, so that they can be loaded faster and the users will enjoy enhanced performance

• It provides the biggest storage capacity

Limitations of Hybrid drive

There are certain limitations of the Hybrid drives as well. Read on to know more about them.

• The seek time is longer for the stored data on a hard drive

• Hardware cost overall is highest for the system

• Data recovery services become impossible if the flash memory modules fail, so it becomes quite risky for the users at times.

• Hard Drive spin-down or the spin-up are done more often.

Final words

Hybrid drive contains a smaller amount of solid-state memory and it is cheaper than solid-state drive. It uses non-volatile cache between hard disk drive and RAM for faster computing and to save time. Being a single physical drive is its biggest advantage and its starting will be slow. The speed of the hybrid drive will be gradually improved after some usage.

It is a popular alternative to Solid-state drives and thus if you need big storage spaces and extra speed, you may opt this type of storage device. In simple words, many computer manufacturers integrate the hybrid drive to offer solid-sate speeds at lower price with large storage capacity. You may get many hybrid drive devices on the market and this is a brief idea about the hybrid drive that you must have been using or planning to use.

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