How You Can Impress Prospective Business Clients


Impressing clients can be a tricky task. These tips will make the process that little bit simpler for you.

Position Yourself as an Expert

If you want to really impress prospective clients, there is nothing better than showing them that you’re an expert. They will want to build a relationship if they get the impression that you really know what you’re talking about. You should give them as much information about what you can do for them as possible. This needs to be delivered in a way that is not too overwhelming though. No one likes being bombarded with information. You could produce a simple leaflet for them to take away with them after a meeting.

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Look the Part

You really need to look the part when you are trying to impress a client. First impressions matter a lot if you want to clinch that deal. So, don’t turn up looking like you got dressed blindfolded. And if you are taking the prospective client into your office, you will need to make sure everyone looks presentable too. You can also give them a lanyard to wear when they arrive. If it has your brand logo printed on it, it will also act as a marketing tool that they can take away with them. You can find them here.

Remain Accessible

Remaining accessible means a couple of different things in the world of business. First of all, you need to make sure that you don’t complicate matters and confuse the client. You should always speak to people in a language they understand, and sometimes that means dropping the jargon. And it also means that you should be contactable at all times. If clients can’t contact you when they need to, they will get frustrated and find another company to work with instead. So, make sure you return calls and emails in a swift manner.

Anticipate Their Future Needs

If you want to work with a business and have them as a client, then you need to show that you care about their needs. The best way to do this is to find out as much as possible about the business and then look to its future. If you can see the growth path that the business is on, that’ll allow you to anticipate the business’s future needs. This kind of forward-thinking attitude can really impress clients because they all want to be sold a positive vision of their future.

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Always Follow Up

After you have a meeting with the client that you’re trying to impress, you should make sure you follow it up. You obviously don’t want to do this in a way that would come across as annoying. But you can follow up in a polite and relaxed way. It might mean simply asking for feedback from them. This will force them to think about what you did well and what you didn’t during your interaction. In that situation, the worst that can happen is that you get some advice on how to do things better next time.

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