7 Effective Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life


This post has some beneficial tips to increase the battery life of your laptop. 

We all wish to have never-ending battery backup for our Laptops so that we may enjoy uninterrupted working with it. However, it seems that it is yet not possible. There are ways that make our devices capable to run longer through boosting the battery backup of our machine. To increase battery backup, we just need to pay attention on maintenance of laptop and manage its power through following simple and best laptop guide.

Helpful Ways To Extend Battery Power Of Laptop

Below are the 7 beneficial ways to prevent the battery drain of laptop.


1. Battery and its Care

The most important component of your laptop is battery as it is the source of power, so you need to pay special attention on it. Lithium Ion batteries are considered to be one of the best batteries. You need to clean contacts on a regular basis. After shutting down and unplugging the devices, remove the battery carefully and clean its contacts and compartment through cotton wet with rubbing alcohol, keep it drying and reinstall it after getting dried completely. Do not let it drain completely and keep recharging time to time.

2. Default Power Setting

Default Power Setting is helpful to extend battery life for it lessens power consumption; you can also save power through keeping low screen brightness, less power hungry option and power saver options. All these choices reduce power consumption and as a result, you could stretch the laptop’s battery backup.

3. Hibernate And Sleep Mode

These two options are also used to save power. Hibernation mode preserve more power as it saves everything to hard disk and shuts down the computer totally; however, it takes a bit longer time to restore you Laptop computer. Sleeping mode instantly restore you computer but it save less power. In Hibernating mode, open programs are saved in Hard disk and in Sleeping Mode they are stored in temporary memory that is why, sleeping mode takes lesser time in restoring computer. Anyway, it would be upright to use Hibernation than Sleep mode.

4. Wi-Fi and Multimedia

Wi-Fi is an important element of this device but it is also one of the major reasons that drains you battery soon. Wi-Fi Card of your laptop consumes power even when it is not used so your battery drains soon. Thus, it advisable to disable it through On-Off switch or you can remove Wi-Fi card as well to have largest battery backup. You may have to use software setting to disable wireless functions in some laptops.

Multimedia is one of the best options to kill time, whenever you feel dull. You watch movies and listen songs on the web. Watching movies or listening songs in this way can be good for your boredom but it is a cause for power consumption and drains your battery. If you want to watch movies or hear songs, it would be better to copy them in your laptop’s hard disk. Thus, you can save  the battery and run your laptop for longer time.

5. Memory of Laptop

It is also an important ground for your laptop’s battery. Applications frequently access the hard disk drive and this process consumes power, some applications access hard disk drive lesser than others do consequently they consume less power; contrary to it, those that interact more consumes more power. So, if you use some extra RAM, it can cut power consumption because it transfer work load to temporary memory and it reduces disk access.

6. Work in Cool Condition

Intense heat would kill your laptop’s battery. Thus, it is advisable to work it in cool/air-conditioned place. Also, prevent the laptop from getting in contact with sunlight.

7. Unplug External Devices and Close Background Programs

If you keep connecting the other devices like Flash drive, iPods, and external USB etc with your laptop, it is unhealthy for it. Disable the avoidable wireless features like Bluetooth, data modems and other PC cards.

There are several programs, which run in background. These programs also consume power and use up battery soon. If you close those programs, which are not needed, you can extend the battery backup.

Final Words

Extensive range of best business laptops exists in the market with rugged design and excellent manageability features. But we must understand that the battery life of the laptop decreases with its increase in usage. We may practice the above discussed ways to increase the life our laptop’s battery. Errant software applications, unnecessary background utilities, leaving CD/DVDs in drive, using screen saver, more screen brightness and having un-updated software & drivers are the main culprits in spoiling your laptop’s battery life.

Regular usage of defragmentation program and lessening the CPU usage would help to improve the batter power of your laptop. Moreover, dust might block the laptop vent which would result in excessive heat and ruin the battery. To avoid it, get your laptop’s vent clean regularly. Hope, these tips could assist you to increase your laptop battery life. Leave your comment if any important tip is missing!

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