How to Install a Mobile Signal Repeater


Weak cellular signal can really get disturbing when an important call is being made. Be it the home or office, car or bathroom, weak signal reception has all the disadvantages and need to be combated with immediate effect. Mobile signal repeater is one such device which if installed properly could refurbish the lost signals and amplify them according to the requirements. This would allow the users to effectively make important calls and the weak signal areas can be easily strengthened. Also known as the phone signal booster, this device repeats the strong signal of one area and spreads it over for thee weaker sections to use. The basic setup requires an antenna which then has to be placed adjacent to a strong signal. There is one internal antenna which is mostly a feeder and takes whatever strengthened signal is transmitted from the master antenna. Signal broadcasting is one major attribute which allows the frequency reuse and makes the signal usable for others.


A stable signal is needed to start with and the weak signal if transmitted has to be repeated via installed amplifiers. Several cell phone or mobile signal repeaters are available and these can be used based on the requirements. Vehicle cellphone repeaters have to be used when on the move and the user is constantly switching his base station.

Home and office repeaters work on a greater radius and have to be installed keeping the geometries in mind. This would make your place akin a mobile tower with higher levels of reception. Home and office repeaters often have a single device with two antennas included and as constant movement is restricted the complexity need not be that high.

Here is a stepwise guide as how to install a mobile signal repeater and to bring out its complete usefulness:

  • One needs to tear or peel out the paper which covers the main antenna
  • Place the antenna over the vehicle or the desired location of your house which would be accessible and safe from the inclement weather
  • Clearance is needed and the antenna once installed has to be kept unperturbed
  • There has to be a sensor to gauge the signal quality and it also is covered by a paper which has to be peeled off
  • This sensor has to be placed at a distance within which the antenna transmission can be collected. The maximum distance has to be about 4 feet from the master antenna.
  • Home installations are easier to initiate as they can be kept undisturbed as constant movement is restricted
  • One needs to clean the devices and set the frequencies in sync with the mobile device
  • Once synchronized the device is good to go and perform as desired
  • Latching and screwing are not needed and the devices come with an adhesive bottom which makes it easy to place with minimum hassles

We can thus infer that a mobile signal receptor has several advantages and proper installation is need so as to make the best use of the myriad features and transform the weak signal zone into a dominant force.

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