How to install Whatsapp on Nokia XL


Social networking has gained precedence over other leisure activities as it allows one to interact directly with the global population. While some applications allow adding strangers, Whatsapp respects your privacy and provides a more stringent calibration for including friends based on their phone numbers. This way unwanted froth is kept away and the users can interact with the few chosen ones. The emergence of this networking app started with the introduction of the Android operating system. With the growing popularity other mobile platforms also looked to include this app into the hierarchy which then reveals the true essence of this article.


Nokia XL doesn’t support android completely and provides a forked version of the same. This integration of Microsoft with the Android giants has been termed as the Fastlane application which would allow one to use certain applications with seamless installations. As the Google Play store is absent the application has to be downloaded via other clients and installed as per the mobile requirements.

Going by the official technique one can’t install Whatsapp on this device and one has to work around the bushes to get the application added into the mix. Rooting as preferred by some users also fails in this aspect as still Whatsapp cannot be installed without restoring to the unofficial techniques.

The easy way

This is a step by step tutorial which would guide you through the installation process.

  • First the user needs to go to the Settings and then the Security tab.
  • Tick the Unknown sources from the list- This would allow installing the third party applications without any hassle.
  • Many service providers allow downloading Whatsapp from the activated links or one can also install the unofficial version of the same in Whatsapp Plus. (This version has more features than the usual application and is not dependent on the Android connectivity for functioning properly).
  • One then needs to exit the browser and open the Astro File Manager which is bundled which then has the downloaded APK in it.
  • The final step has to be the installation which ends with proper number and country verification, thus completing the process.


This procedure doesn’t void the warranty and is completely based on the mobile norms and specifications. For uninstalling the user has to go to the Settings and then Manage Apps, where the uninstallation icon is present. One must also take care of certain considerations which may hinder the installation procedure. Any previous version of Whatsapp has to be removed before setting up the newest procedure. The application has to be removed from any other device as two setups with the same number are not allowed. Data and chats can be backed up once the verification is done and this concludes the entire procedure.

Enjoy the perks of the most popular messaging app which can be easily installed on the devices by just following some simple steps. Once installed, update your contact list and start chatting with friends and family while sharing files, videos and pictures on the go.

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