Keep on Top of Your Busy Agenda with These Steps


Trying to run a business as well as actually enjoy a personal life? I can already hear many people jumping out of their seats and yelling “IMPOSSIBLE! It can’t be done!” To those enthusiastic (and probably overworked) people, I say sit back down and take a deep breath.

It’s an understandable attitude though, right? When you’re running a business, it can be easy for your entire schedule to be devoured by work. But think about your health! You don’t want to get stressed out. Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world. But many people don’t seem to realize this! They keep on pushing themselves past their limits in order to satisfy their work aspirations, putting their health in danger. While I’m going to be the last person to tell you not to do your best, you should try to keep things balanced.

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To accomplish a good work-life balance, you need to improve how you’re dealing with your busy agenda. So consider these steps to make sure you’re not so overloaded in your work and personal life.

Stay prepared, stay focused

A lot of the time, people are getting overwhelmed at work because they’re not adequately prepared. Yes, this does partially refer to making sure you have the tools to do your job. But I’m also talking something a bit more abstract. Something a bit more psychological. I’m talking about making sure the tasks you need to do are written down and prioritized.

So, yes, I am basically telling you to make a to-do list. At the beginning of each day, make sure you’ve got your notepad open. Think about what you need to do today. Write your tasks down. Just doing this will help you keep a clear mind about your schedule, but you can take it a step further by prioritizing and timing things. And if you’re too new-school for pen and paper, then at least use a digital project manager like Trello!

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Need help? Get help

One of the best ways to ease the business burden from your shoulders is to get help. Are you trying to do the job of several people at the office? Then do something about it!

In this situation, the most obvious solution would be to hire more employees. But this isn’t the solution for everyone, as it’s expensive and time-consuming. For small-scale help, many people go to outsourcing agencies for specific project tasks. Those looking for larger-scale assistance can look into a logistics company like SSI Schaefer.

Make downtime part of your schedule

Do you stick rigidly to your schedule? Well, that can be a really good thing. But if your schedule is all work all day, then that’s not a good thing. You should be making sure downtime is actually part of your schedule. This can help you ensure you focus on things other than work. It can also help you not lose time to more frivolous activities.

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Work out what it is you feel work has you missing out on. Do you want to spend more time with the family? Pen it in. Want to go bowling with friends more often? Put it in the schedule. Even if you just want to blow off some steam with movies and video games, don’t be afraid to actually write it into your schedule! It may sound rigid, but it could really help you.

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