How to merge images & PDFs together and create professional looking PDFs?


If you find yourself sending PDF files to clients, co-workers or anybody else very often, this PDF merging tool is for you. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use and create professional looking PDFs.

This tool solves all your PDF problems. Best of all it’s free and you do not have to download anything. Just go the web site and start using it immediately. You can even use it from your smartphone.

There are a few other tools online that help you merge PDF files together. But, this one is undoubtedly the best. One thing that makes it unique is its ability to merge PDF and image files together. You can upload images that are either of type JPEG, PNG or BMP. It will take your images, and add them to the final merged PDF in the order you specify. One great use of this feature is that you can put your logo or branding as the first page of the PDF file before sending it across. Small businesses can instantly make their PDF files look more professional with this slight touch.

Another common problem when you merge PDF files together for printing and sharing it with somebody is that you need page numbering. It is much easier to discuss the aspects of the printed document by referring to the page numbers, rather than “that blue colored diagram”. To solve this problem, you simply have to hit the “Add page numbers to the final merged PDF” check-box in the Page Numbering section.

One more handy feature of is that of adding text watermarks to the final merged PDF file. You are allowed to enter in 13 characters and whatever you enter (for example SAMPLE) will be watermarked across all the pages of the document.

In fact, that’s not all you can do with watermarks. You can even add image watermarks to every page. The image can be your logo, for example. This is sure to make your PDF files look even more professional and ensures that your branding spreads with your PDF document.

The makers of this tool have kept security and privacy of your uploaded files in mind. There is a FAQ section clearly explaining how they make sure that nobody can get access to your files. In short, the site works over HTTPS and auto deletes all files after 20 minutes of upload. This makes it a safe tool to use even in corporate environments where the information being shared might be sensitive or confidential.

Besides all of this, we feel is much better looking than all the other tools out there. The design is elegant, simple and clutter free.

Do try it out and let us know what you think.

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