MH17 Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash in Ukraine


It can be very daunting moment for anybody who will be heard about MH17 Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine. It is indeed very stressing to see such incidence occurrence. This heart-rending incidence makes everyone astonished.

It is one of the dangerous incidences ever, which make huge news. Various plane crashes has been making news but this time as well a very hazardous moment for the public.

It is said that investigators reach to the crash site of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 is ordered by Pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine. This is also mandatory to have a thorough and elaborate international investigation, which is said by UN Security Council.


From every corner being helpless is so horrible. The same thing happened in this incidence as all contact was lost and nobody can access to anyone when the plane was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur at the GMT on the weekdays that is Thursday. That Thursday became the dark day of many life by taking many lives. It is very sorrowful to mention that the day, which was never ever imagined that it would take the lives of innocent with one crash. An incidence can turn the matter adversely.

All over there were 298 passengers in the plane and there were Dutch citizen in a 189 number. The maximum number of passenger was the Dutch citizen among all the passengers.

There were one passengers of leading Authority on HIV/Aids and he was traveling for attending important conference. The situation was out of hand and Ukraine military and pro-Russian rebels were shooting each other down the Airplane. Sudden disaster has spoiled everyone’s lives. Now overcoming with such incidence is not easy for any person. May the proper and timely investigation will control the situation.

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